Portal Users can charge and – at least for the most part – ad-free watch series online. Series fans will not come out for a surprise, because the platform is for everyone shows and hit series available. The repertoire ranges from horror and adventure about anime to crime or children’s series. Free streaming service

One consequence of a week, always at a specific time on a specific day. So series were seen a few years ago, which were broadcast on TV. Nowadays, not even waiting for the new season of the popular series is broadcast. Thanks to many streaming services and no one need. The portal aimed – as the name suggests – only to fans of series. The offer on the portal ranging from current hits like The Walking Dead over perennial favorites like The Simpsons to real classics from decades past such as Charlie’s Angels and The A-Team. Users can enjoy all these series without commercial breaks free online. as a free streaming portal Serienjunkies (Picture:

Series streams from A to Z

On the home page of the streaming portal three riders are the most popular, the current and the top series teased center. At the top there are three menu items series, popular, and it works. The third category opens a guide in the step by step using the portal will be explained. For newcomers who are not familiar with the topic streaming so a good introduction. A to ZAll series ordered by genre or to Z of A (Image:


Who clicks Shows on the menu leads to an overview. The user can now start in many ways his search – depending on whether he looks for certain series or inspiration or want to drift. For the concrete search, there is the search function in which you simply enters the title of the desired item.

On the alphabet bar, the user can also once go through all the series A to Z. Since has a remarkable collection, but that may take a while. If you like, but can also go over the genre-sorting on the search. These are also listed alphabetically. freeInteresting series can be put on a watch list. (Picture:

Additional features with registration

Users also have the option of creating an account on the portal. This is not a must, but produces some nice extra features and is also free. Logged in users can, for example, create interesting series that they have found while browsing on their watchlist. In addition, you can write reviews, chat with friends and benefit from the exchange with the community. Furthermore, you will be notified of new episodes.

Legal component of the series Stream

As nice as this portal with its incredibly attractive offer is – unfortunately is not legal. It is a violation of the copyright law because it spreads content without the permission of the copyright holder. While those responsible do not even provide the content, but their pages link to other hosting providers that provide such content illegally into the net. they have the right to do that is in the rarest cases.

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Users stream here, have not moved in a legal gray area until recently. For some time, however, a decision of the European Court holds that make pure streamer punishable as soon as they know that a stream has been made illegal in the net. And just registered users should take this into account, as for that the risk is far greater that the site operator charges in the case, out puts the IP addresses. And then it can hail nasty Abmahnbescheide here.

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Furthermore, the freedom of advertising, for which the download once stood, no longer exists. First, the service has no control over which ads off the hoster will redirect to. On the other dubious advertisements appear on the page itself more and more on that in part can not be clicked away. So watching or directly to the legal provider change!

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