On KinoLeak.Tv be current series and movies for free streaming. Using a plugin the title can even download. Users of the portal thus given but on very thin ice. For neither the one nor the other is legal.

KinoLeak.Tv: Newest movies in Full HD

The streaming portal offers the latest blockbusters, series and explicit stripes. User can choose between these three main categories and filter within the films again between New, Top IMDb, genre, year and quality. A free text field also facilitates the search for specific titles like Game of Thrones or Jurassic World. Here can be virtually all the services in full HD stream or download. KinoLeak.Tv is a relatively new portal offering himself to the streaming of TV channels such as RTL, Sat1 and Pro7.

Legal gray zone or even illegal?

Who uses these services to KinoLeak.Tv should be aware that the site is classified as illegal. The content provided subject to all copyright, which is massively violated by unauthorized distribution of movies or series. An illegal streaming portal recognize users for pointing out that there is no imprint and the operators remain anonymous. Alone due to the wide range of current titles that would otherwise be provided free of charge exclusively with costs here available for download, users should be clear that it can not go above board with such a portal.


User is liable to prosecution?

Depending on whether usertitle stream or download them move in a legal gray zone or already committing a crime. When streaming, the legal situation is not yet entirely clear. Because a key point for copyright infringement - making a copy - will take place only temporarily. Currently no warnings against the users of this or similar portals are known. However, the legal situation may change at any time. The result could be warnings with substantial fines of up to 250 euros per title. For those that downloads the movies, commits an offense clearly, since a copy is made. Those who want to exploit the legal gray area, do it at your own risk - especially as now many are legal portals. There is more information in this article: These Kinox.to alternatives legally streaming. Download of title is strongly discouraged because of the legal downloads is undisputed and users download the movies or series of portals as KinoLeak.Tv make clearly punishable.