Gameforge Live

Gameforge Live

The client for online gaming is roughly comparable to Steam. The freeware is now a prerequisite for the installation and operation of some games of the manufacturer Gameforge. If the Gameforge Live download but once installed, the access to all the games from any computer can be made.

playing with Gameforge Live Download Metin2 and Co.

With the platform for online games, each user gets the best known and most popular Gameforge games on his computer. All you need for accessing the game Eldorado, is an account and the free Gameforge Live Download. After fulfilling both criteria, the gate opens to 8 popular games, which have now reached each with just one click.

Gameforge Live Download

The Game portfolio includes the following online games:

  • Metin2
  • AION
  • S.K.I.L.L.
  • Orcs Must Die! Unchained
  • Runes of Magic
  • NosTale
  • Elsword
  • 4Story

The installation of the client, which is done within a few minutes has to be done only once, and the rest will run all by itself. Thus the gamer example, all News, updates and patches to the Games always automatically downloaded. In this way it is ensured by the manufacturer that you can always gambles in the latest version of a game. So if bugs and inconsistencies eliminated or new details were added, the player will benefit immediately from having to actively pull down without a new update. Those who want to extend one of the games beyond, here is a wide choice of editors & Mods for all online games for free download.


Gameforge Live Download Games selection

Magical and explosive online game worlds

By downloading Gameforge Live players can immerse themselves in different worlds of magic and fantasy. Also present: One of the most successful MMOs in Europe – Metin2. In this online game the player escapes into the Far Eastern kingdoms of Chunjo, Shinsoo and Jinno. After the impact of the huge Metin Stone picturesque world has been plunged into chaos, which now needs to get back in order. The player has to stop the choice of four different characters, the threats and troubles.

Also in the RPG Runes of Magic or AION, in which the world of Atreia is threatened, mysticism and magical powers have a decisive role. but the game client for shooter fans a lot in his luggage. In the action-packed game S.K.I.L.L. For example, gamers become elite soldiers of the Special Force 2. Numerous battles alone or against up to 16 players waiting to be played. Many other additional information and each is a brief outline of the actions of online games are integrated into the client. The game platform is beyond Links to support pages and the respective communities willing, but which lead to external sites. Desirable would be a solution within the surface as well as an integrated chat function or social components such as friend lists. The aforementioned online game service Steam for avid PC gamers brings these features with fact. It remains to be seen at this stage of the Gameforge Live whether like is implemented.

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