Windows 10 does not go down: That helps!

Many users complain after the Windows 10 upgrade over an annoying thing: Windows 10 does not run down! We have found the solution to the problem. read now, as the PC itself shuts down again! Some users who have made 10 download on their PC or laptop Windows and performed the upgrade, describe difficulties in shutting down the PC. Fortunately, puts not a serious problem behind the issue.

Windows 10 does not run down(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Windows 10 does not shut down: A widespread problem

Since the release of Windows 10 last July the forums are full with Windows 10 issues. Many describe little quirks and teething problems of the operating system and look for possible solutions. One thing that is very common and occurs in many, whether PC or laptop, concerns the shutdown.

has often been described that users want to shutdown their computer via the normal route, this simple but neustarte after a few seconds. but that happens seemingly forever. Other users speak of an error message that looks like this: "On the PC, a problem has occurred. He must be restarted ... "The result, then, is the same.

Windows 10 does not drive down errors(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)PHOTO: Screenshot "icybloodey" by the user on

We have found solutions for both variants, which are explained below.

Restart prevented by Quick Start function

Windows 10 does not run down, but starts after a few moments again. Who fights with this issue, simply follow these instructions and the error is corrected.

  • First, the PC's Control Panel opens. In the home screen, the user clicks on the field system and security.
  • Within this category emerged relatively middle of the field of energy options with a few sub-items. There, the user selects power button behavior change.

Windows 10 does not run down the Power Options(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

  • Either you can see at this point even the "Quick Start" function or is it still an intermediate step necessary where the user on some settings are not currently available clicks.
  • Now the Quick Launch is disabled by removing the check mark for the option.

Windows 10 does not run down quick start(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

  • Finally, save the changes and the computer should be shut down easily. That should now test.

Other solutions when Windows 10 does not shut down

Windows 10 does not go down despite deactivating the Quick Start? Then you should still try the following options.

(1) uninstall ON / OFF ChargeThe tool uses the Gigabyte Applecharger.sys, a Windows driver. This prepares Windows frequent problems and is not really needed. Usually it is in C: to find \ Windows \ System32 \ driver. Who does not find the ON / OFF Charger can be with a program that can help such as Ccleaner and so remove the tool.

Windows 10 does not run down startup services(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

(2) disable startup services:

  • Open the Start menu and type msconfig and then tap system configuration.
  • bottom in all Microsoft services check the box Close contact under the Services tab. Disable now all the remaining services.
  • Then open the Task Manager and disable all the entries under Selective Startup.
  • After a restart of the PC should the problem "Windows 10 does not go down" to be resolved.

(3) Driver UpdatesIn order to avoid the present and other problems with Windows 10, you also should have the latest drivers on their system.