Farmville 2 Cheats & Tips for Farmer career

Anyone who wants to help his luck as a farmer on the jumps, should have a look at our Farmville 2 Cheats & throw tips. here's how you fastest climb up the career ladder.

By downloading the FarmVille 2: Get auf's Province app users can now whenever and wherever they want to work on their farm. Whether for two minutes or two hours a day - with the app aspiring farmers are very flexible. You can plant fruits and vegetables while they are sitting on the train or provide for their pets during the lunch break. Who takes the whole thing still for too long ... for what we have!

Farmville 2 CheatsFarmville 2 cheats and tips for aspiring farmers

Useful FarmVille 2 Cheats and Tips for iOS & Android

FarmVille 2 is independent of the Facebook version, you can not just pull over Scores from the network, so you will start here from scratch.In addition, we have here a typical mobile game after the freemium model. Say, you can download it for free. However, there are in-app products that you can buy for real money. Often you can reduce waiting times so that, for example. Who wants to take no money in hand, is particularly patient nor should now pointed ears. There are not really many Farmville 2 Cheats - but a very useful we finally.

Cheats For Farmville 2: Who turned the clock?

As with the Facebook game you have to wait for the mobile version very often because, for example, the vegetables takes a while until you can harvest it. Many tasks not only take a few minutes but for hours. Do not want to wait? Then you should apply this trick:

  • The user first causes one of these tasks on the way.
  • Then the app is closed. The user now navigates through the system settings of its smartphones to the category and date.
  • the task now takes 15 minutes, until it is completed, the user sets the time 15 minutes after the beginning.
  • Now the player goes back to the app. Since the waiting period has been lifted, we can now proceed with the connection work.
  • One should later, however, remember to reset the time again otherwise other applications such as the calendar may not work correctly.

Farmville 2 Cheats TimeThis cheat shortening the waiting times in FarmVille 2

NOTE: There are many web sites that offer additional Farmville 2 cheats. Often behind it hackers and fraudsters. One should beware of these offers.

Tips and Tricks for more keys

There are at Farmville 2 premium currency that is highly sought after but rare: the keys. Without Farmville 2 cheat codes to get to the currency with the following tips:

  • The player is prompted in the tutorial to issue key at the beginning. Note that you should not follow - rather save it for later.
  • By completing missions you get experience points and key. The experience points you also advance to higher levels.
  • Water is infinitely available without the use of coins or keys. Just click on the pond or fountain - and up to the maximum fill water stocks regularly.

Tips for building in FarmVille 2

Is important in the game also how and when to herumwerkelt to his buildings. So users should pay particular attention to expand their barn at the earliest possible stage. This is noticeable when storing self-produced things. In order to accomplish this can upgrade barn, you need a nail. Which can be found on Grandma's meadow.

Farmville 2 Cheats BarnAs soon as possible to upgrade and expand the barn

Gain experience in FarmVille 2

To reach higher levels, you do not need FarmVille 2 Cheats, but only experience. Obtained through various actions that are listed here:

  • Baking and cooking
  • Feed
  • Fertilizing, watering and harvesting
  • his farm workers on leased fields and attack neighbors / friends a helping hand