Spotify location: outsource data on SD card

Spotify location: outsource data on SD card

If the smartphone well like to use and it happens sometime: The memory is full. A little remedy it may be, the Spotify location modify and outsource data of the app on the external SD card. Thanks to new features, the download of the Spotify app is worth absolutely. How this works for Android devices, we will reveal here.

Change location Spotify for offline Title

Android users will have the opportunity to store their offline title on the SD card, not to claim the internal memory too. This comes in handy especially for users who like to use this opportunity due to limited offline mobile data or poor internet connection. The prerequisite for this is a device that allows the SD card.

Spotify locationoccupies too much memory? This may be due to Spotify location – especially on downloaded offline titles. This can, however, easily fix. (Images: pixabay / Editorial / screenshots)

Before one gets going with it to transfer its off-track on the SD card, however, you should make sure that at least 1 GB of free space on the card is present. Because this is not so, the option is not even displayed. Anyone who wonders why his SD-enabled Android smartphone is not able to store the data externally, it is probably due.

push data to SD card

Is everything ready, you go like this:

  1. Open Spotify and library tap (located bottom right).
  2. In the library a gear appears top right now. This tap to enter settings.
  3. scroll down to the entry * Storage and select it.
  4. Here are the two options for the location Spotify will now be displayed: “Device memory” and “SD card”. Once the SD card is selected, the user can tap OK.

Spotify location SD cardIn the area of ​​memory, the location of the offline data can be selected.

Immediately run the offline titles – including the newly added – directly to the external memory. The transmission can be take a few minutes, depending on how many titles are in the offline library. Spotify can continue to use without problems during this transfer time though. After the transfer is complete, the service starts only briefly new, so it comes to a short interruption.

Note: Did you download the option via mobile network (found in the settings) is activated, so you can sacrifice a whole chunk much data volume – depending on how many offline titles you ‘downloads. The already stored are not, they are transmitted only from the internal to the external memory. However, to complement your new songs for offline selection, they can be as downloaded via the mobile data. Disable your cookies, songs will be moved to the device only in the WLAN.

Everything on one card?

Anyone who wants to transfer the whole app to the SD card, unfortunately, looks for newer Android devices into the tube. Because that’s so impossible. The only option would be to configure the SD memory card as extra internal memory. This is, however, advised only experienced users. In addition, it is the option to save to the SD card offline titles (as well as everything else, including pictures) can no longer be possible. As Spotify location then acts quasi again the internal memory.

Spotify location settingsThe settings are "Library" and find the gear top right.

Delete offline title again

Tricky it is the way to delete once downloaded title again from the device. There namely not enough simply to reset the offline state of the playlists or albums. Nevertheless, the songs remain stored on the device, as some users report. Apparently there is here also to the device.

Spotify location delete dataNot only the memory settings can be changed. Also, all data and Chache can be deleted from the app itself now. After that, however, you have to log in again.

To really delete all the data, you have to either Spotify reinstall or erase all data on the settings. There is, incidentally, now also in the Spotify app itself an entry in the settings: Clear Cache and stored data. After that, however, I need you log in again.