Facebook: Last hide online statement - is that possible?

Facebook: Last hide online statement – is that possible?

Can be hidden when to on Facebook recently online was? Learn to what extent can really protect the Zuckerberg’s network privacy and one has to do it!

Whether one uses the social network in the browser or by downloading the Facebook app on your phone: Numerous personal data depending on the setting of friends or even strangers can be viewed. From the last date on which it was here, to the site where they had opened Facebook. It is aggravating to note that run on mobile devices and Facebook Messenger as two separate applications – what protection of private data further complicated. But in terms of the protection of personal data, Facebook has still never particularly covered themselves with the proverbial fame.

Facebook: hide Last online in the browser

To hide his status in the browser, first the chat must be disabled. For this, open the window, in which communication takes place, and selects here disable the gear and the chat option. Optionally, only selected friends of Facebook can last displayed online status or be hidden for this. However, the whole procedure only works if you open the social network in the browser. If you use the service or the corresponding messenger on your phone or tablet, one is still for all other than visible online.

Facebook recently onlineFacebook last seen hiding in the browser.

hide the Facebook status on mobile devices

So you have to lend a hand on all devices. Even on smartphone or tablet can be hidden in the settings that you are offline. Depending on the device and application you must do so by following these steps:

1. hide status In the Messenger app for iOS and Android

First, the Facebook Messenger app must be open on the iPhone or iPad. Following the list icon is selected in the bottom toolbar on and off the active option using the slider. The Facebook online status is now – at least if you open the Messenger – hidden.

2. hide status In the actual Facebook app

Once done and you open the Facebook app (not the Messenger) – the status Facebook: However Updated online again. So the setting must also be adjusted in this application. To open the main menu under the People icon. Here we find the point chat availability, must be disabled. Following you can start all Facebook applications without anyone can understand whether they were online or not – provided, of course, it does not publish posts, commenting on the marks from other publications or a like button thumb.

Facebook recently onlineAlso in the well in the mobile application, the status must be manually disabled.