Cooking Fever obtain diamonds for free? That’s how it’s done

Cooking Fever obtain diamonds for free? That’s how it’s done

Also in the cooking fever? Who wants to advance to the cooking master, requires more than just talent. Cooking Fever Diamonds can help! How to get to them, and whether there are secret tricks out here!

The download of Cooking Fever Android has attracted many players in the spell. The popular Gastro-management game awakens the ambition of every aspiring culinary professionals. But the way is not easy …

Cooking Fever DiamondsHow to Get Cooking Fever diamonds for free? (Picture: Nordcurrent / Editorial)

Cooking Fever Diamonds – the coveted premium currency

Like every other game well, Cooking Fever has a currency that may well assist in the ascent to Kochmeister. So popular that currency is – so rare it but unfortunately also. With diamonds the user can go shopping, so to speak, in order to upgrade its restaurant and the kitchen. Thus, new tools and kitchen equipment can be like a rice cooker or pizza oven buy. Use the diamonds you can clear all the stars in each of the levels, as well as for the new locations are unlocked.

Cooking Fever Diamond UpgradeWith diamonds can enhance Restaurant" (Image: Northern Current)

How to get the diamonds?

Unfortunately, the coveted gems do not fall from the sky. One way to get diamonds to Cooking Fever is to take a little money in hand. So you can through in-app purchases as often as shopping gems. This variant is therefore only dependent on the wealth of their own purse.
Who understandably want to take money in hand, for which we have a few helpful tips.

  Bestuif met Cooking Fever Cheats gratis diamanten?

Free diamonds in Cooking Fever

A variant, the eager cooks should not be difficult, is easy to play regularly. Those who visit daily in the app may receive daily from the eighth day two diamonds free.

In addition, in the game different tasks are provided. Anyone who meets these can count as well with a few helpful diamonds.
A third option is the casino. The lucky ones may also einheimsen gems there.

A handy trick for free diamonds

In addition to the options mentioned, there is a small cheat, with can be gems bring to your account. Here, the time management app for daily games, two Cooking Fever diamonds away from one uses the facts. For this, the user proceeds as follows:

  • First, the settings of the mobile device are opened and selected the category for date and time.
  • There now set the time by one day forward.

Cooking Fever Diamonds timeTrick: Changing time and get diamonds" (Screenshot: Editorial)

  • Then you open the app and get the free diamonds.
  • The process can be repeated any number of times. However, one should not forget to reset the clock again, otherwise other services (calendar, etc.) malfunction.