With the Grouse Windows 10 App the "shoot 'em up" classics comes to all computers with the new operating system. So load shotgun and aimed via touchscreen or mouse on the blasé poultry! The Windows 10 version of the cult game not only brings the known Geflügelgemetzel with also extra challenges and a hidden level!

Grouse Windows 10 App: The hunt is on!

1999 hunting was opened to the arrogant chickens. Since there is a game in almost 50 variants - and now for the latest Microsoft operating system. The gameplay has remained: within 90 seconds as many chickens as possible to put an end must be made. There are points for each chicken, the number of which increases as a function of increasing distance. Meanwhile, the poultry has recognized the danger and tried to deceive with new camouflage the hunter malicious.

Grouse Windows 10 AppSource: Microsoft

New hiding places in a new setting

Although the principle of the game remains the same, the grouse Windows 10 App offers players some innovations. The layout has been completely revised and adapted to operate for touchscreens. Secret Tools and finding puzzle pieces expand the game to exciting elements and ensure the long term for fun. Those looking for short-term diversion would reduce frustration or just want to bypass boredom, so it should be put in the bog in wait and attempt to storm the high score lists: grouse for Windows 10 is the perfect game for in between and lets players nostalgic in the time of the millennium dive.

Grouse Windows 10 App aircraftSource: Microsoft

more grouse

The grouse Windows 10 App is the adaptation of the original game. Meanwhile, there are many game modes for the PC or as a browser game for the PlayStation, Nintendo DS and Wii, or as a mobile game. In addition to the "shoot 'em up" version there are versions as Adventures, Racing, pinball or card games. Moorhuhn for Windows 10 continues the success story of the slaying of the inflated birds. The game was originally developed for advertising purposes a Scottish whiskey brand and quickly developed into a mass phenomenon. Employers complained loss of earnings in the billions, as employees prefer to shoot birds, but to pore over spreadsheets or answering emails. Meanwhile, the publicity stunt is considered the first viral marketing campaign. And is now almost better known than the product that was supposed to be advertised with it.