Skype old version 2023

Skype old version

Danger: On this page we offer old versions of Skype at. Anyone looking for the latest Skype version, she finds equally in our software catalog as alternative Messenger and VoIP Downloads. Skype uses the used even when sharing P2P technology (peer-to-peer) to make free telephone calls to other users of this tool via the Internet. After this Skype old version Download and the installation to log on to Skype network is first necessary. The user receives his personal user ID, under which he is then reached.

Skype old version download: predecessor yet available

Skype calls have a very good voice quality. The conversations are protected during transmission with an AES-256 encryption. The Messenger no need to configure complicated and comes with routers and firewalls deal. The old versions of Skype have the opportunity to video calls. The program is available in many languages, including German. In our download section features with version 5.5, incidentally, is also a launch that comes with voice output and read-aloud mode to the PC.

Skype old version DownloadSkype than old version for download (Image: Skype)

Old surface and handling of many preferred

Many Skype friends are looking for older versions of the messenger because they prefer their surface and look or because individual, special functions in the current update is no longer included. Therefore, we present with versions 3.8, 4.2, 5.5 and 6.1 each selected versions of the most important milestones Skype available for download.

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Old Skype Version: With Skype 5 video conferences with up to 4 participants

Since version 3.6 in November 2007, Skype has a higher video quality. The version 4.0 in February 2009, brings a redesigned user interface and a much larger video window. The newly integrated bandwidth manager ensures since for error-free transmissions. Major new feature of version 5.0 in October 2010, is to support video conferencing with up to four participants and the Facebook integration.

Skype old version Download SpeechSelection of the language (Image: Skype / Editorial)

Optimized Facebook integration since version 5.5

Version 5.5 brings an even better integration of Facebook and directly displays the status of a friend on Facebook. Other new features include the separate tab with Facebook contacts, new emoticons, interface customization and optimization of call quality. In November 2012. Version 6.0 was released with a simplified design. Login from Facebook or Microsoft accounts has since been possible. The update includes a Support for Microsoft Outlook from 2010.

Skype old version Download ApplicationOptimized voice quality (picture: Skype)

Old Skype versions will soon be unsupported

Microsoft has announced via blog, to take old versions of Skype from the network will no longer support and some obsolete versions. Therefore, it may be that users who do not use Skype-to-date, to soon be unable to login. Affected are expected to Skype for Windows Version 6.13 and all versions of it.

Skype old version Download synchronizationLogin from Facebook or Microsoft accounts is possible. (Picture: Skype / Editorial)

Recommended only in exceptional cases

The update to a newer version of Skype is quite reasonable. In this update including the sending and receiving short messages is also possible with respect to the prior versions, when the contacts are offline. Another advantage is that the complete chat history can be considered distributed across multiple devices. In addition, the Skypeianer now looks on all devices which messages have been read and in which this is not the case.

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