Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

With the free Pixel Gun 3D App User get an exciting multi-player FPS on their smartphone or tablet. In the Poket Edition, players can first create their character before they plunge into one of the many maps and game modes. The arsenal is otherwise not bad.

Pixel Gun 3D app: parallels to the popular sandbox game

Even a small glance is enough to see the similarities between this game and purchased by Microsoft building game Minecraft. In this case not only reminds the pixelated look to the sandbox game, some features are based on the pioneering. However, there are no official connections between pixels and Gun Minecraft, as the makers of RiliSoft stress. In addition, the entire game concept is another, finally on sale in the Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition paced action in the foreground. The game is a varied FPS for multiplayer.

Pixel Gun 3D AppTogether against monsters fight in the Pixel Gun 3D App

The app is in addition to the offered Android version available for iOS, Windows Phone and Amazon. The Android Device system should be at least at the level of 3.0.

Initial situation in the pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition

The situation in the game is procedural: Pixel Man is surprised in the night by a huge crowd of creepy zombies and attacked. of course he tries to defend his farm, but must quickly find that not only his village is attacked …

Pixel Gun 3D App modesVarious game modes and maps are waiting in Pixel Gun 3D

  Region Simulator

Pixel shooter with multiplayer

One thing there is in the Pixel Gun 3D app definitely not boredom! The multi-player game comes with different modes of play around the corner, which allow the user to playing against friends or strangers gamers around the world. In addition to the classic Deathmatch mode, players can test their strength among other Team Battle, Flag Capture, Time Survival or Deadly Games mode. A mysterious single-player mode is also included. There is also a sophisticated Friends and clan system, for example, allowed to close during a fight on the battlefield friendships. The app also has a chat feature to react spontaneously to the fight and deny can.

A skin-maker as well as many maps and weapons

Sufficient variety is also catered for with the large number of cards. About 35 cards and places provided by Pixel Gun 3D. Moreover, the kind of weaponry can really be proud of. With more than 100 weapons should in any case most times, what do zombies to Glocks, AK47, Desert Eagles or M16. A nice touch is also the Skin Creator with which a very individual pixels can be created Man.