Of the Samsung Link Download brings together what belongs together. Owners of Samsung devices can connect to each other using the software TV, phone, PC, camera and Co.. the application via WiFi will ensure a smooth exchange of pictures, music and videos. The only requirement: The application must be available on the respective devices.

Samsung Link Download: Interface for Samsung devices

Fortunately, the connection of various devices such as computers and smartphones via cable is old hat. The South Korean company Samsung has extended this fact and optimized. The previously marketed as Samsung AllShare tool comes with a new name and other features to the PC. Using the downloads of Samsung Link are to be joined not only mobile phone and PC, but all devices of the manufacturer. from Smart TV about digital cameras, support WiFi, to Blu-ray players and camcorders. In future, with this technique even washing machines and air conditioners can be controlled via smartphone.

Samsung Link Download

System requirements for controlling and synchronizing

The file is relatively large with just under 90 MB, so the download may take some time. The file can be installed on Windows PCs generations XP, Vista, 7 and now Windows 8th The program requires at least an Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.6 GHz processor or better. In addition, the minimum required 2 GB of RAM, like more. In addition, an application from the manufacturer is required.

Samsung Link Download Installation

With Samsung Link optimized data exchange

Provided the user has an Internet connection via WiFi is available, an exchange of videos, images, music, etc. is possible from anywhere. This is ensured by the integrated online service SugarSync2 that stores the data in the cloud. Thus, media content with any Samsung can be called Link-enabled device and play it. If necessary, the access can be protected via password.

Samsung Link Download Cloud

Location- and device-independent thanks to cloud storage

The management of the access can take place through the Smart TV. Use several people a device that can be easily set up various accounts. Far from the media such as vacation photos and favorite videos to the cloud can be used for documents of any kind. Up to five gigabytes users are free of charge. The corresponding to the Samsung Link app is not just for Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy. Also iPhone and other Android devices can use the control and sync app. can now be comfortable to watch over the smartphone on the Smart TV pictures from their last trip or birthday.