use Netflix as a student: Are there discounts for Studies?

With Netflix as a student cheap House of Cards, Jessica Jones or orange is the new black stream? Learn to whether poor students get a discount on American provider!

By downloading the Netflix app can be series highlights, view exciting documentaries or Blockbuster also between lectures and seminars from. But there are actually a discounted rate?

Netflix ensure students benefit?

Nope! The American streaming provider has no discounts for students available. Who wants to use Netflix as a student still effective, has to share his account. For this, in addition to the single-package for EUR 7.99 a month following options are available:

  • Two independent accounts for 9.99 euros per month
  • Up to four independent accounts for 11.99 per month

In a four-WG each roommate so therefore only pays about three euros a month for about 36 euros for a whole year full of highlights series and movies. The nice thing is that the accounts operate completely independently on different devices. Even the proposed system attunes individually to each user. This advantage of Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable for students as non-students and promises in addition to a significant saving an easy management of profiles and a quick change or even cancel your subscription.

Netflix studentInstead of a Netflix student Anbebots there are three packages for up to four users. Picture: Netflix.

rebook package or terminate Netflix

If you want to top up a booked package Netflix again, shut down or even get rid of the the owner of the main account at any time during the term. Thus, if a member of the WG makes unpopular or moves out, you can go directly to the more favorable variant. To do this you must first log in with his access to the site of Netflix. After your account is canceled membership under its own profile and the option or the subscription to be adjusted. The changes are applied automatically at the end of the current accounting period.

You have to live together?

No. Indeed, one can also make use of the offer, if you have several residences. So you can share the account with friends, acquaintances or family members. In addition, each account can be accessed by any number of appliances - for example, home PC or smart TV or on the go from your smartphone or tablet. The accounts are fully self contained. Only the management of subscriptions falls on any person with the e-mail address registration was.

Where students can really save

Amazon actually offers a better deal for students than Netflix. In the first year there for two euros a month almost the complete package from Amazon Prime:

  • Free premium shipping the next day to Germany and within one to two days to Austria
  • Streaming video with Prime
  • A voucher for ten euros for every friend who signs up for Amazon Student.
  • Exclusive offers for students
  • Free and unlimited storage for photos

From the second year membership instead of 24 euros will cost 36 euros per year. For this, there's the music streaming and a book each month from the Kindle Lending Library.

Netflix Student Amazon offerAmazon's offering for Studenen is much more attractive than the version of Netflix. Image: Amazon.

All other streaming providers such as Watch Ever, max cathedrals or Sky currently have no special discount for students on offer.