Movie Time App

With the Movie Time App can be watched on mobile devices every title of the legally dubious portal

watch the latest movies with the Movie Time App

The Movie Time app provides a convenient use of the popular streaming portal on smartphones or tablets that work on Android operating system. Thus, current movies or the latest season of Game of Thrones for free and watch free can. The focus is users a clear interface available: in addition to the free search through the text box, users can display new movies, popular movies, latest movies and popular series. The app uses this to on the complete range of the provider, which provides the most titles in German or English. there is the essential information and a brief description of the content for each title. In addition, the app which titles have already seen or downloaded stores.

Movie Time AppThe whole world of movies and hit series on the phone with the Movie Time App.

Films and series in HD & Chrome cast link

Here, all the tracks can also watch in high quality (HD). Thanks to connections to Chromecast, the Movie Time app with the Smart TV can be connected. The quality of the streams is so good that they can be viewed also excellent on a larger device. Another highlight that is completely waives the insertion of advertising.

Is the use of the app legal?

What sounds so tempting but there is a catch: Legal use of the Movie Time app is not. Although there is currently a legal gray zone, streaming portals such & Co. is concerned, and there is currently no known cases, according to which private users have been warned. However, the tide can turn at any time. We do not recommend at this point so strongly from using the app from.

Absolute caution in Downloads

The Movie Time app also offers the ability to download movies and series. This is of course very convenient if you want to watch the latest movies on the go without using up his booked data volume. However, this is still legally questionable as the streaming on sites like Because when downloading an illegal copy of the title is made and which led in the past to numerous warnings. Users had heavy fines for downloading movies, series or music tracks to pay. What is the difference between streaming and downloading, the video explains the firm wbs: