There is the Homeland stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Of the Homeland Stream is highly sought after by the Friends of sophisticated TV series. There are now five Homeland seasons with 12 episodes. We reveal all Serienjunkies where there is to see the Homeland Stream and whether Homeland is also available on Netflix via the Netflix app!

Homeland Stream: war on terror at the center

The US TV series Homeland is produced for pay TV channel Showtime since 2011. Fox 21st It is based on the Israeli series Hatufim (Prisoners of War). The series blockbuster was showered with numerous awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Everything revolves around the Homeland war on terror. The focus is on CIA analyst Carrie Anne Mathison (Claire Danes).

She experiences in Iraq that it was terrorists succeeded the captured US soldier Nicholas "Nick" Brody (Damian Lewis) to win for their own purposes. Whereas it assumes that it overflowed into the enemy camp during his captivity, the long thought dead GI is celebrated as a war hero on his return to the United States. The CIA analyst remains on his trail and trying to figure out whether it is dangerous to a "sleeper" is.

Homeland StreamHomeland stream. The CIA analyst Carrie is a sleeper on the track. (Picture: Showtime / Editorial)

Homeland Season 6 in FreeTV expected again at Sat.1

In Germany, the broadcast rights secured ProSiebenSat.1 free TV and showed the first three seasons in Homeland Sat.1 from February 2013 to June 2014. The Homeland Season 4, however, ended up with one cable beginning July 2015, each with three episodes at a stretch , The Homeland Season 5 has been running since 3 April 2016 turn on Sat.1. The Homeland seasons 1 and 2 were also shown at ProSieben Maxx in the original English version from September to November 2013, German subtitles. In December 2015, the production of a sixth season was announced. One can assume that the Homeland Season 6 will be broadcast with some time lag again at Sat.1. A date for this has not yet been determined.

Homeland is not available on Netflix but Season 1 to 4 on Amazon Prime

Who wants to see the Homeland Stream has with Amazon, max cathedrals, iTunes and Videoload several options to choose from. Homeland on Netflix, however, is not available. In return, the Amazon can look forward to Prime Customers can at least stream the first four seasons of Homeland on Amazon at no additional cost. unfortunately also max cathedral client but have selected episodes from the Homeland stream in the flat rate on board, also not all five seasons. This can be related with costs completely, among other things on iTunes or Videoland. When Homeland will be seen on Netflix is ​​so far not known.