Christmas stories

Of the Christmas Stories Download provides 24 wonderful Christmas stories for print, so for each day before Christmas a Christmas story for children and adults to read aloud. The Christmas stories PDF collection comes from All stories are free of charge by the manufacturer and intended as a free PDF templates for reading and printing for Christmas.

Christmas Stories Download: Every day during Advent a beautiful story

As is known, can not wait, most children, until Christmas Eve is coming up and there are surprises and gifts. The Christmas stories for children and adults to bridge the pre-Christmas period with 24 beautiful funny, touching, entertaining, contemplative and stimulating and provoking Christmas stories. read the PDF Weihnachtsgeschichten parents after Christmas Stories download their children every evening a nice bedtime story before. The Christmas stories for printing can thus be used as an Advent Calendar: every day during Advent a beautiful story for Christmas.

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Christmas stories PDF: classic and funny stories

The Christmas stories PDF many classics are with it, for example, "Holy Night", Here is the story of Jesus' birth. So many funny and curious Christmas story is also in the collection. "Christmas in the pantry" reveals how a mouse family celebrates Christmas. at "Stollen Baking with obstacles" is all about the great excitement of Christmas baking. at "An animal Christmas experience" however, is it is a turbulent Christmas story about Hund Oscar, Cat Freddi and her human family.

Christmas Stories from Ancient Times

"As my mother celebrated Christmas" leads back to long forgotten, old Christmastime. So experienced large and small children, as the Christmas traditions before more than a hundred years ago were. Also "When I went to get Christmas Day delights" and "Like the old Christian Christmas celebrated" are such a story from the past.

Instructive Christmas stories for children

In "The very first Christmas" Children learn why we decorate for Christmas the apartment with a fir tree. The stories not only provides much instruction, but show the children also impressive, which is really about Christmas. "The story of the Christmas market" For example, such a heartfelt story for young and old about the give and take.

Christmas Stories download classics

The following 24 Weihnachtsgeschichten printable are in the PDF collection happens:

  • Holy Night
  • Christmas in the pantry
  • Dolls Christmas
  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier
  • The seven Christmas trees
  • Christmas goose and plum pudding
  • Christmas experience
  • Kate's Christmas Dream
  • As my mother celebrated Christmas
  • The Switched Christmas Child
  • the Star Money
  • Stollen Baking with obstacles
  • Roswithens Christmas wish
  • Der Tannenbaum
  • An animal Christmas experience
  • The story of the Christmas market
  • When I went to get Christmas Day delights
  • Mümmelinas great desire
  • Like the old Christian Christmas celebrated
  • The very first Christmas
  • On the shortest day
  • white Adventure
  • The Christmas Rose
  • The Snowman

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