How good is the darknet search engine Grams?

The darknet search engine Grams looks like the Google of the dark Internet, but does the tool as well? We have Grams and the alternatives considered in more detail. learn more here!

On Grams can - also access from the open Web from - as on most search engines of the darknet. The results, however, only to part with browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome & Open Co.. For all other sites users must first download the open network gateway that lets you move anonymously on the net and can handle Geoblockaden.

Grams: The best darknet search engine?

Indeed, it is not quite so simple, even after downloading Tor to find your way in the darknet. After the launch of the network users first arrive on a search engine called The tool was developed by former programmers from Google and a former NSA employee and works as a browser extension that will be made anonymous to the inquiries about the usual search engines. That is, both the IP address and searches are nowhere collected or stored. However, the test has shown that the requests are processed slowly and provides only hits that would have been obtained in Clearnet.

darknet search is actually not a darknet search engine but an anti-tracking tool.

Grams however, is a darknet search engine in the literal sense. With it, the so-called hidden services can be tracked down, so pages that are only accessible through Tor. This hidden services can be recognized by the ending .onion

How does Grams?

In fact, the darknet search engine works similar to how you know it from Google and alternatives. But only for products that you can buy.

darknet search engineGrams shows only products specifically those of which you should stay away!

And there are some in the darknet, before one should stay away better. From budget Netflix accounts using drugs in all variants and various weapons to contract killers. That this can lead to prosecution, everyone should be clear and if not, there is once again the grandiose and really any comprehensive report of the law firm WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE here:

Is there an alternative to his grief?

The clear answer: Yes and no! While there are a number of simple knitted engines like Torch, TorSearch or TorFind plus some link lists as the hidden wiki, TorLinks or All Markets Vendor Directory. A search engine that scours the entire darknet and provides the best results on searches, is still missing, however, still. The best way through the dark side of the net, making it still trial and error (trial and error) - albeit with a degree of caution with regard to illegal content. And there is a promising project called Ahmia, which was launched in 2013 by Juha Nurmi. The goal is to create the leading search engine for services in the Tor network. Illegal offers land in the open source project, incidentally, fortunately on a blacklist.

Darknet search engine AhmiaAhmia has to advance the potential to darknet search engine.