WhatsApp store voice messages: single & Total

WhatsApp store voice messages: single & Total

WhatsApp save voice messages and convert this trick in mp3s. We tell you where the Messenger hides all audio files and how to move them or export!

According to the current download WhatsApp for Android or for iOS Messenger stores all audio messages automatically. This function can currently not clear. So the data is in principle already stored on the smartphone. However, if you want to play it outside the Messengers, so must proceed!

WhatsApp save voice messagesAll ways to save WhatsApp voice messages. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

WhatsApp save individual voice messages and send

In principle, received or sent voice messages may already be shared within WhatsApp. These are all imaginable communication channels that have been registered with the identical user account as hatsApp, are available. Thus, the audio can send, for example via email or Bluetooth, or in various cloud solutions (eg as Dropbox or Google Drive) secure. To go to the following steps:

  1. Open conversation with the desired voice message
  2. Voice message by long touch Mark (works best when you tap on the profile picture)
  3. Select the sharing icon and the desired type of dispatch
  4. Confirm and finish

The message is sent in .acc format that actually specialize in all types Media Player.

WhatsApp save voice messages via MessengerVoice messages can be divided within the Messengers via email or save them in the cloud. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Several audio simultaneously secure thanks to File Manager

to the procedure described by WhatsApp store voice messages or send other hand is tedious for more than three files. A trick the whole is faster and easier, through a file manager. These must first be opened following path:

  • Internal memory
  • Whatsapp
  • Media
  • WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp save voice messages via File ManagerThis path you have to take to get to the WhatsApp data. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Now you can either save the entire folder with WhatsApp voice messages or to select the desired files by hand. The selection can be forwarded in connection with the following options:

  • Shifting (the voice messages to another location transfer)
  • Copy (save the voice messages to another location while maintaining the data in the folder WhatsApp Voice Notes)
  • (The audio on messenger, email, Bluetooth, cloud services, etc. Email) parts
  • In the cloud to upload (the files to the appropriate Cloud account copy)

WhatsApp save voice messages or shareThese possibilities offered by the file manager to secure WhatsApp data. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Again, the audio data is vesendet, copied or stored in .acc format. However, if you mp3s preferred may resort to this trick:

WhatsApp convert voice messages into mp3

Even if most media players dominate the .acc format without problems, it is sometimes advantageous to convert the audio file in mp3. This is easier than you think. One must simply change the file extension of acc in mp3 namely. The audio is easily playable after renaming – no audible loss of quality. Alternatively – and somehow professional – you can resort to a mp3 converter, as there are from different vendors in our audio software range for free download.