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At the WISO tax savings book download the name of the whole, is straight-forward. Whether for commercial or private use, the WISO control program helps its users in the tax return and, to save as many Euros as the promise so many programs in the areas of taxation and finance.

WISO tax savings book downloadWISO tax savings book download with many saving tips (Image: WISO)

WISO tax savings book download: tax return on the PC

Here, the WISO tax savings book makes download assistance in a variety of calculations, statements and forms that are incurred as part of the control that. In detail, the shareware contains the following modules:

  • Income tax return
  • Revenue surplus account
  • Wage tax reduction
  • Income tax pre-detection and prognosis
  • Assessment declaration
  • VAT returns
  • Business tax return
  • investment
  • salary calculator
  • logbook
  • Mini-jobs in private households
  • Payment exemption health insurance
  • housing grants

For all of these components, the WISO tax savings book offers not only the creation of new records, opening and editing existing documents as well as the acquisition of the previous year's data, but also brief information videos. These run in an internal player and zeigem each a brief outline on the respective topics. As a guide for the tax return these clips are not to understand, but inform quite interesting aspects, which should mainly benefit newcomers in the topic.

make tax return and give comfort to the PC

The same applies to the detailed help texts with which the control program significantly simplifies the tax return on the computer. For each of the sometimes very numerous data fields of each form is obtained as a taxpayer an information, which information shall be entered. Thus yet possible creep no errors, the WISO tax savings book reviews the data before submitting the statements.

WISO tax savings book Download help textsDetailed help texts are available (Picture: WISO)

Data import some standard programs

Additional error minimization promises of data import, which reads, among other account transactions from the online banking in the control program and presents the various modules. Specifically, the WISO tax savings book with data of the following programs can handle and also imported CSV and XML files: WISO My money WISO Haushaltsbuch, Star Money and Quicken.

to file personal income tax returns and tax savings with the WISO tax savings account

The most important component for the majority of users, however, might be the module to create the income tax return. This can be dealt with the WISO tax savings book in the form of an interview, asked which step by step the relevant information. Between completed for entry of data and filing the tax return the savings protector or the intermediate step tax return switches optimized.

Saving tips to save money

Here saving tips ensure that the WISO tax savings book lives up to its name. Divided into subject areas such as Household services / contractor costs, special expenses or extraordinary burdens, the program indicate savings potentials that are not always known to everyone.

Also for pensioners, businessmen and self-employed, investors and farmers and foresters of WISO tax savings book download keeps on hand special tips. In this section, the passbook but not limited to the theory, but also the process of incorporating may still be undertaken improvements in the tax return help.

tax return: Electronic or paper form

the user has for filing the tax return when tax WISO passbook two paths open: Classic in paper form, the forms conforming to the requirements of the tax office come from the printer or modern via ELSTER. No matter which way you would like to make a tax return, the passbook caused her optionally also an accompanying letter and its list enclosed facilities added. This can be provided on request with an individual text or simply create in accordance with the program requirements.

Tax auditor takes the tax bill under the microscope

Here, the control program does not see his task but to be fulfilled. Does the tax office does its job, you can let check the delivered tax bill with the WISO tax savings account. For this, the electronic tax inspector uses either typed data or those that have been downloaded as electronic communication from the network, the. Determined the examiner inconsistencies, it also assists in creating equal objection letter and, thanks to computer time that these be submitted early in the treasury.

In the grounds of appeals makes a collection of so-called sources of law assistance. Thanks to an overview of tax law relevant judgments of the past three years, this compendium is useful as an argumentative base to appeal in any case.

Sample letter Collection facilitates communication with the tax office

The same applies to the supplied sample letter, which should help to facilitate communication with the tax office. Thematically divided find here templates for common cases that are also individually edit and also save.

WISO tax savings book download tax returnSample letter help in communication with the tax office (Picture: WISO)

Finally, the WISO tax savings account on the basis of the decision point out the areas in which for the coming year still saving potential exists. In symbolic form, the control software illustrated in this section, which can still be save on taxes and where already the maximum was reached at saving.

New version includes cloud storage

In addition, it commendably not resting on its laurels but strives to remain technically at the level of the time. The latest result of this effort is called tax: Web and is basically nothing but a - of course encrypted - the manufacturer, free deposit their data in the owner of a license of WISO tax savings account online and then via a browser for example, cloud storage on who are the tablet computer available.

Limitations of WISO tax savings account

  • Limited functionality No output of the final tax return
  • Required registration code: TSP2010 TSP2011 TSP2012 TSP2013 TSP2014 TSP2015 TSP2016 (in each case for the relevant year)

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