Music lovers archive with Audiograbber their audio CDs to the hard drive. The freeware Ripper comes with many features for editing the songs, including a Pegelnormalisierer.

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Missing ID3 information researched the all-rounder in online databases. Before ripping, the user shall determine which drive is addressed and at what speed to operate it. In addition to storing music CDs Audiograbber also handles the recording LPs. If you connect a vinyl player to the line-in port on the freeware secures ancient musical treasures on the hard disk.

Audiograbber normalized to a button the volume level several MP3s. This feature is great for putting together a CD for the car. The recognition of pauses between songs and the grabbing of karaoke information are also available. Even in times of MP3 downloads to all sorts of music CDs frolicking in German households. The comfortable Audiograbber "preserved" Compact discs and records in excellent MP3 quality on the hard disk. Unfortunately, the program has not been updated for some time.

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Audiograbber Download Editor's Rating