Change Viber number: made how you do it!

Users who have bought a new mobile phone number should adjust these in all applications. To the Change Viber number to be able to just follow the following instructions. make smart now!

By downloading the app Viber users get a versatile Messenger, the inferior of the competition in every way. On the contrary, users can not only chat with Viber, calls, share photos and videos, but also make video calls in HD quality. In addition, the cumbersome create a user account is not necessary. This has advantages and disadvantages, as you will notice when you change the number.

Change Viber number: This should be taken into consideration!

Who has a new SIM card because of a Telefonanbieter- or tariff change, is now the owner of a new mobile phone number. If one wants to change his number to Viber, this is possible with a few steps.

Change Viber numberChange Viber number: made how you do it! (Picture: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)

However, the app behaves a little differently than some other chat client. This has to do with the fact that users create a real account in Viber. The app takes as allocation basis for user's phone number, so to speak, acts as an ID. The app also runs the contacts from the mobile address book and synchronize them. People who have Viber installed also are automatically detected.

Next you should know about the behavior of Viber:

  • The user can introduce his new SIM card without hesitation in his smartphone and start the client. Viber can be as usual open and use, because it just continues to use the old account.

  • For Viber phone number does not matter, therefore, it is not recognized. That means you could theoretically without having to change the number in Viber open, chat about the old number.

  • The catch: it is, however, problematic if the old number will be assigned to another user. Will this then use Viber, the own account is invalid and is no longer usable.

  • Recommendation: Users should therefore prefer to quench their Viber account and create a new account with the new number.

Change number via new Viber Account

Who wants to change about Viber his number, is not about to delete his account and create a new one. Consuming is not, but you should consider some.

Let me mention: who deletes his account so that deletes all messages and call histories. The stickers purchased disappear completely. Neither for chat history still Sticker there is a way to create a backup and then einzuspielen. All data will be removed without a lifeline.

Change Viber number Menu(Picture: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)

In a few steps to the new account

(1) First, the app opens to the Android and the menu, which is located at the bottom right open.

(2) Then, the option is clicked privacy.

(3) On this screen appears a little further down turn off the point account. This option is clicked, you will see a message box that needs to be reaffirmed.

Disable change Viber number(Picture: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)(4) Now delete the old account. That is, the user can now change the Viber number, simply by creating a new account.