CarPort Free Edition

With the free CarPort Free Edition users can take with a VAG Diagnostic Windows Retrieving car data from vehicles, the manufacturer VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda and by OBD2 diagnostic and the data of cars of all other brands. The freeware Sets this necessarily requires a special cable from the automotive sector.

CarPort Download: automotive diagnostic software for Windows

CarPort Free Edition retrieves the diagnostic data of cars on the so-called K-line. For connecting the computer specific diagnosis adapter or adapter cable of the type KKL interface are required. The recognition of the adapter and the communication parameters is performed automatically. The Diagnostic software presents all error codes with their descriptions. The CarPort Download significantly simplifies the search for the cause of the malfunction. An auto scan function to query the fault memory of all installed control units is available. CarPort supports the following VAG Diagnostic Protocols:

  • KWP1281 (K-line)
  • KWP2000 (K-line)
  • KWP1281 over TP1.6 (CAN-Bus)
  • KWP2000 over TP1.6 (CAN-Bus)
  • KWP2000 over TP2.0 (CAN-Bus)
  • UDS over ISO-TP (CAN bus)

Export data in CSV files

CarPort shows as many measuring blocks at the same time. The measurement data can be recorded in a CSV file and thus export to other programs. Several readings can be graphically displayed simultaneously. There is the choice between the classical graph view and a view instrument.

CarPort downloadCarPort download for vehicle diagnostics via software for vehicles of all brands (Picture: MPP Engineering / Editorial)

CarPort Free Edition reads ECUs info

Of the CarPort download offers in the Free Edition at VAG diagnostic access to all installed control units, the reading of the control device information and proprietary error and the auto scan all installed control units. Who wants to delete proprietary error, read more than three measuring blocks, record it and create a diagnostic report that requires fee-based module KKL / CAN. For coding, customization, actuator test, basic settings, login and access permissions, per-module KKL / CAN is required. In the cross-manufacturer diagnosis for vehicles of all brands CarPort comes with the following OBD2 diagnostic protocols dogs:

  • ISO9141 (K-line)
  • KWP2000 (K-line)
  • SAE J1850 (PWM)
  • SAE J1850 (VPW)
  • ISO15765 (CAN-Bus)

CarPort Free reads up to three real-time data from

The Free Edition provides the ability to OBD2 information, test readiness, error memory and up to three real-time data read out. turn the deletion of the OBD2 fault memory, the complete reading and recording the OBD2-real-time data, and creating a diagnostic report remains purchasers of the base module OBD2 reserved. More Freeware for the car is available in our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of CarPort Free Edition

  • no error frame data
  • not the fault memory
  • only the first 3 measuring blocks

Editor's Rating

CarPort Free Edition Download Editor's Rating