Of the CamelCrusher Download combined as a free VST plugin multiple effects together, thus ensuring more steam on audio signals. Whether guitar, drums, or other sound source hardly plays a role.

CamelCrusher download with a number of presets

CamelCrusher combined Distortion, filters and a compressor in a surface. On the one hand space-saving and practical and makes the other hand for a juicy sound. This lets you either "the good old fashioned way" distorting guitars and thicken the sound, or even alienate electronic sounds, making for example, more aggressive sound. To the free VST and RTAS plugin CamelCrusher brings already a number of presets, but also the Selberbasteln settings is done in no time.

In addition, all controllers are on the one hand for automation and also equipped with a MIDI Learn function for remote control via an external controller. Sometimes it is just the right combination of already known effects, which brings a great result. The freeware VST plugin CamelCrusher sounds delicious, is simple to use and free to boot. Check it out!

CamelCrusher Download