Who does not want to default images and -Klingeltöne, is the Zedge app to the right place. The application brings countless wallpapers, ringtones and games on the Android, thus ensuring the correct breeze personality and charm.

Zedge app helps personalizing Androids

Whether PC or smartphone – all media that are shipped from the factory, are usually neither handsome nor particularly creative. Who is tired of 0815 images and annoying sounds that can retrieve the Zedge app the right amount of individuality, personal preferences and moods at his smartphone. For this, the app brings countless ringtones, wallpapers and games with from all categories and for almost every taste. Overall, the repertoire of more than 30,000 Wallpaper and Ringtones 500,000 counts – to go to Flushing tour enough material for one month.

Zedge appZedge app with chic wallpapers and funny ringtones (Image: Screenshot Zedge Holdings Inc./Redaktion)

Zedge are Androids doubling as a personal painting

Already on the same online platform Zedge could gather a community in the double-digit million range around. Now the Android app for personalized screens and ringtones provides. For this brings the Zedge app indeed a very clear in English, but and easy to use interface with which dispenses with frills and confusing gimmicks.

Search and activation of wallpapers and ringtones

For those looking for some wallpapers or ringtones application useful filter functions on board has. On one hand, the selection of the media can be sorted by categories. The extensive selection of wallpaper downloads ranging from anime and Bollywood on Love and Music to Pets, Nature and Technology. The Ringtones the range is no less extensive. Here sounds find of music genres such as alternative and blues or R&B ;, reggae and rock. In addition, sound effects, animal sounds or sounds may from News & Politics are selected. The sort of background images or sounds can also be done according to the following criteria:

  • Downloads all time
  • Downloads last week
  • Downloads lastMonth
  • Newest
  • Featured

Zedge app WallpaperExtensive selection of wallpaper downloads (Image: Screenshot Zedge Holdings Inc./Redaktion)

The listing in the images via small thumbnails that you get displayed with a click in a larger format. If you want to use the image, just tap the download button. All favorites can also collect on the Favorites button in a list. If a wallpaper be used immediately, it is activated via the setup function with one click. The same applies for the ringtones.

easily integrated ringtones for Android

Zedge Android offers good solutions to many and extremely convenient to use the ringtones. So favored sounds for the following areas can be activated:

  • Standard ringtone
  • Contact ringtone
  • Sound for SMS and other notifications
  • Alarm sound

Zedge Ringtones appNew ringtones for all occasions (Image: Screenshot Zedge Holdings Inc./Redaktion)

that the Zedge app can be set as the default application, which facilitates the use of rings again many times is particularly noteworthy at this point. Then you can access it from anywhere namely on downloading ringtones from the application.