Mother’s Day poems

In many countries of the world to honor mothers with their own holiday on the second Sunday in May. The bouquet of flowers belongs to this day, as is a few greetings. Who wants to pack his affection and goodwill something poetic, is the Mother's Day poems Download well advised. Here you will find suitable for Mother's ten free verses and sayings from Goethe to Heinrich Heine.

For all the sons and daughters who want to send a few unusual words to the holiday, but are themselves not blessed with the gift of rhythmic writing, Mother's Day poems download is intended. Here there are ordinary and extraordinary words to celebrate motherhood. The range of Mother's Day poems and sayings is very broad. If you prefer it more simple and concise, is well served with the folklore poem "Dear Mother". The quatrains packed best wishes in clear language together and still sounds round and warm. Brevity is the soul of wit.

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Mother's Day poems Download with verses of Goethe and Heine

Also some poems and sayings whose author is unknown, are Mother's Day poems download included, such as the "Mother's Day poem", "Do you want a kiss from me" or "Dear Mom," For Whom the comparatively quite simple knitted poems and sayings are not challenging enough , can express his affection and love with the words well-known poet and writer.

Mother's Day poem by Heinrich Heine

Almost describes as a Bildungsroman for example, Heinrich Heine in the poem "In the great delusion" as he leaves his home in search of love and happiness. He begged for "small love donation", but with a laugh he was given "only cold hatred". "Sick and hazy" he returned home and discovered in the eyes of the mother, the "long-sought love."

The writer and poet Gustav Falke describes in "My Mother" how much it rips him not to be able to say because of the old "evil fear" his mother how much he loves her. But he finally discovered that these concerns are unfounded, because "it [the mother] is from your heart beat / although the lip like nothing / not lost a quieter tone."

Sayings and poems for mothers of unknown authors

appear too thick whom the Mother's Day poems by Heinrich Heine, Goethe and Gustav Falke, which is perhaps again in one of the many sayings and poems whose authors are unknown, found it. Short and concise it brings, for example, the saying "Thinking of you" to the point: "This rose is for you / should tell you I think about you / Greetings on Mother's Day!" More poetry and literature, not only on Mother's Day can be found, visit our eBooks with free download.