The Room 3 solution: All levels with Walkthrough Videos

The Room 3 comes with new hairy puzzles and tasks to your smartphone! Who needs some help with Escape Game, here gets to each level The Room 3 solution with video. schmulen now!

Following the success of the first two parts of the Escape Games, the third part was eagerly awaited. The requirements for the successors were high - but were fortunately not disappointed - the puzzles have it again really something. Who after The Room 3 App Download the common thread has been lost while pondering if possible, get cheating help.

The Room 3 solutionThe Room 3 solution - videos of all levels (Photo: Fireproof Games / Editorial)

The Room 3 solution for Android and iOS

Below, we have compiled the respective solution for all the chapters, including the bonus chapters. Since it makes little sense to explain this in detail, the solution for each level as a walkthrough video is provided. Thus, it falls easier for users to understand what they look for in the rooms and what clues they need to combine.

Solution for Chapter 1 of The Room 3

Hardly the game is downloaded, it're off. The player sits in a train and durchkämt the compartment for vital clues. The case takes a central role ...

Solution for Chapter 2 of The Room 3

After The Room 3 solution of the first level is found, it is in the second chapter with tricky tasks on. The player is in a room where a mysterious model is.

Solution for Chapter 3 of The Room 3

The mysterious mystery still revolve around the model, which is enhanced by new evidence. New clues are opening up, such is an obscure construction of an insect.

Solution for Chapter 4 of The Room 3

In the fourth part to get only to the The Room 3 solution if you look around large area and combed through different rooms. In addition, a still hidden area first has to be found.

Solution for Chapter 5 of The Room 3

Half time - but still no end in sight. In the fifth part, it is advantageous if you ever had a chessboard in his hand.

Solution for Chapter 6 of The Room 3

In the sixth level different clues and items need to be searched again. One of them is a small leather bag.

Solution for Chapter 7 of The Room 3

Off to new puzzles in Level seven is no time to take a breather. The user must pursue in the workshop various instructions to progress through the game.

Solution for Chapter 8 of The Room 3

The fourth pyramid is started rolling and produced a leather-bound book. The elevator now it goes up in the memory of the building.

Solution for Chapter 9 of The Room 3

Even if the The Room 3 solution is within reach already - the ninth chapter is no less tricky. It is definitely an advantage if you know how our globe looks.

Solution for Chapter 10 of The Room 3

In the last part of The Room 3, the last puzzle pieces now have to be found and put together. The fifth and final pyramid can be used ...

Solution for The Room 3 Bonus Level

In addition to the 10 levels of The Room 3 there is also a bonus level. The following videos show how even then skillfully passes.