Plague Inc. Evolved

With the Plague Inc. Evolved Download users get the desktop counterpart to the mobile epidemics game. In the simulation, the user must sometimes not save humanity, but destroy. The highly realistic strategy game requires the user from much more tactical assault. Such a pathogen is to be used as a deadly weapon and global destroy humanity.

World extinguish the Plague Inc. Evolved Download

The developers of Ndemic Creations have released their mobile world end-time strategy game for PC. With the addition Evolved users it is now possible to humanity on Windows PC, wipe Mac or Linux. The PC game brings a realistic simulation of the end of humanity on the screen. Players must trigger a global epidemic using an appropriate pathogen that infects every land and destroyed all people. An exciting and at the same tricky, is demanded in the strategic skills from the user.

Plague Inc. Evolved Download

System requirements for the Windows strategy game

Anyone want to play PC after downloading Plague Inc. Evolved on Windows, should bring minimum XP with Service Pack 3, but better be Windows 7 or 8. In addition, one of the 3.0GHz i5 dual-core processors of 2 GB of RAM is recommended. In addition, at least 500 MB of free space (better 1 GB) required. For the graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Radeon HD 3600 (1GB) is recommended. An account with Steam and download the client are also required.

Plague Inc. Evolved: From Patient Zero pandemic

The user can choose between ten different types of diseases. he wants humanity to hunt down better with viruses, parasites, biological weapons? Or rather on the control of mind that they can become zombies? Each pathogen requires a different strategy. Sun is not quite immaterial what country one starts his attack. The aim is to contaminate the entire earth. But be careful, governments and researchers do not watch idly and will try to defeat the end of humanity with medicines, etc..

Plague Inc. Evolved download distribution

Content Creator for their own epidemics

Who the exciting selection in Plague Inc. Evolved is not enough, you can also bring its researchers qualities used. In the Content Creator users can develop their own deadly disease in the laboratory. Thus one creates new scenarios that can be divided on the workshop of Steam.

Plague Inc. Evolved Download Graphics

End-time simulation with impressive graphics

No less impressive is the game's graphics, which is divided into three parts. On one side of gamers can watch his agents based on a 3D model as it grows and thrives. In addition, can be observed the survival struggles of the people about City Cams infected. Rounding out the realistic simulation through the body scanner, which represents the consequences and mutations in the organs.