install Google Play store new – how it works!

install Google Play store new – how it works!

What if the downloads do not work or the Play Store not installed? now learn how to Install the Google Play store again can!

For various reasons, it may happen that the Google Play Store does not work. If the problem is to fix manually either by excluding typical login error even through a crowded cache or other sources of error, often only uninstall or reinstall after downloading the Play Store app.

Install the Google Play store againinstall Google Play store new – how it works! (Image: Google / Editorial)

So you can reinstall the Google Play store

Note: Before the Google Play Store can reinstall the faulty app must be deleted! After removing the Play Store, the latest version can be played with just a few clicks. That’s how it works:

Uninstall the Play Store:

Here the users are different ways to do this:

  1. First, the icon of the Google Play Store is tapped long. In the upper part of the display options now appear: Create Folder, App info and removal. Now the Play Store icon is pushed onto the menu App Info. This will open the application manager with all the details of the app and uninstall the option.

  2. Alternatively, the application manager can also be opened directly. To enter the menu and the sub-options are called. Here, the option is called Uninstall / disable apps. Now all installed applications appear with a red minus. Now tap the Play Store and confirm the removal by clicking OK.

Google Play Store to reinstall DeinatallationPreliminary uninstall the Play Store. (Screenshot: Editorial)

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Note: For new devices, it may happen that it is no longer possible to uninstall the Play Store. In this case can be found at the end of the article solutions for common problems with the Play Store.

Reinstalling an APK file

To install the Google Play store new, must first be downloaded the APK file for the Google Play Store app. To install APKs need the Unknown sources or other sources are allowed on the smartphone or tablet in the security settings. Now only the installation steps must be followed by opening the file and the username and password will be awarded – done.

What you can do before you reinstall the Google Play store

For various reasons, it may happen that the Google Play Store does not work anymore. Here, the user has fundamentally different ways are available to fix the problem.

  • In this article page, we have compiled a few tips on what you can do if the Google Play Store Login does not work.
  • Although work logging, but the Play Store app itself is not that, is no less annoying, because in this way, for example, any new apps installed or already installed applications are properly updated. Depending on which corner it tweaks the user different solutions are available. So you can, for example, try to fix the problem by a cache deletion, because often are deposited over time enormous amounts of temporary files that are responsible for the error. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help when the Google Play Store is not working properly.
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If the problem is not the login and the cache or one of the other most common error messages, often end up leaving only the option to reset the phone to factory settings. But first, should any data that reside on the smartphone are backed up.

The video shows again how to reset the Play Store and resolves most problems: