As additional Viber costs

As additional Viber costs

unexpected Viber costs can be caused by high data consumption and outgoing calls. learn more here & avoid surprises! The Messenger and VoIP service the Viber app is touted as free, but also can result from careless use of additional Viber costs.

Unexpected costs when Viber free VoIP providers

The still relatively unknown in Germany Messenger with VoIP functions enjoys great popularity in other countries. No wonder, because the provider combines many advantages of other services. The Viber Use at free base no monthly fees. In addition, no separate user account must be set up, because for the installation goes a phone number. As with many other VoIP services is the Making calls and sending messages between users of the app for free. The same is true for video and audio calls between Viber users. Viber costsHow can additional Viber cost? (Picture: Viber Media Inc.)

Viber costs through data usage

It should be noted that the service sends all data on the Internet connection. Whether the application has been installed on the home computer or on your phone, it does not matter. So fall unless a public Wi-Fi is used for the use of only the Charges for ordinary Internet at. When using the Viber app on your phone, each user should be aware of the conditions of his mobile contract. Often there is a flat rate that guarantees high Internet speeds at a fixed data usage. Flat-rate customers are currently running at videocalls danger quickly realize their data volume. then follows depending on the contract either throttling the surfing speed or additional consumption is charged separately. Customers without flat rate pay for each megabyte used, which can lead to high costs. The same applies to the use of the VoIP app abroad. Rarely the international data usage with the flat-rate cost is covered. In most cases, the units consumed are billed separately, often at extremely high prices. Therefore, always recommends using a wireless network in order to avoid additional costs for Viber.

Costs for outgoing communication

The free use of the service requires that Viber is installed on both devices. Although you can also call phone numbers for which the application is not installed, but then fall in addition to the Internet costs more fees. The sending of text messages is always free. This will not be billed by the mobile contract and after Prepaid principle paid. The fees vary by region and can be accessed on the website of the VoIP service. In the case Viber Out account will be created on the manufacturing side. any sum is paid into this account, the Viber cost of outgoing calls will be charged again by the. Viber cost account(Picture: Viber Media Inc.)