Avoid FaceTime Costs: What to Consider?

Fall in the use of the popular video calling app FaceTime costs at? The answer is "yes and no", We clear on what FaceTime users should be good, so that the video calling does not burden the budget. More on this below!

FaceTime costs: Basically free, but ...

FaceTime is pre-installed as an app on Apple smart phones, tablets and Computers, and can in principle be used on all Apple devices for free. The video calling with FaceTime on Mac, iPad and iPhone is basically free. However, the user should always make sure to download the FaceTime app to use a wireless connection. Via the mobile data network, the FaceTime video calling is less recommended, as the data limit can go fast at a flat rate for mobile data to run out and then may apply follow-up costs.

Care with FaceTime use abroad

Extra care the user should be at a FaceTime use abroad, since the standard flat rate for mobile data usage often does not apply. It can be really expensive then because the Internet usage abroad is usually billed per megabyte. Here therefore: FaceTime only use it with wireless!

FaceTime costsFall FaceTime costs in the use of video calling app? (Photo: Apple / Editorial)

A small cost point should not be overlooked: it lead to the potential costs if the user activates on his iPhone FaceTime as an SMS is sent to a UK phone number before the first use for the activation to test the connection to the server. The international SMS is provided to the users of their network operator into account, provided that he has no dial-allotment available in its service plan.

FaceTime as a good alternative to Skype on iPhones and iPads

So again concretely: Apple itself does not charge for the use of FaceTime and thus represents a good alternative to Skype on iPhones and iPads Since in the video telephony incurred quite substantial traffic, the user should check his mobile and Internet tariff.. If he uses a mobile internet flat rate, also is no cost involved, but there is a risk that the threshold for high-speed use is quickly exceeded and its mobile Internet connection for the rest of the month is unbearably slow.

FaceTime only use in wireless networks!

Most users will order an additional data quota, which would then lead but on this detour to FaceTime costs. So if you want all to play it safe to pay any costs for FaceTime calls, you should turn off in the settings of his iPhone with mobile network the point Mobile data to only use FaceTime in wireless networks.