WISO caretaker

Of the WISO caretaker Download supports homeowners and property managers in the management work of real estate. The shareware organizes the accounting records and manages all important data around construction projects - Umsatzsteuerpflichtige commercial properties as well as apartment buildings or building in-house.

WISO caretaker Download: For years proven real estate software

The WISO caretaker Download covers all for keeping records of properties important aspects. Practical functions such as automatic debit entries, open item management or the integrated online banking organized property management under a single interface and ensures that receipts and expenditures are properly accounted for - which should be standard in software for property management.

Nebenkostenabrechnung - pretty sure, monthly or yearly

On request WISO property manager generates the necessary tenants and owners monthly or annual billing. All relevant costs and meter readings and allocation be accurately determined automatically on the day. Mietwechsel are automatically considered. In this way, the user creates quite safe and correct statements, including extras such as heating bills in a few steps.

WISO caretaker DownloadWISO caretaker Download for professional real estate management

Speaking of billing: WISO caretaker 2,017 deposited Information on calibration periods for each installed meter. Also on dates such as meetings and conventions reminds a busy schedule, including memory function that is accessible from any point of the program.

Correspondence with the help of wizards and sample letter

With the integrated Correspondence Wizard WISO caretaker created if necessary leases and letters with a few mouse clicks. Numerous templates on the current state of the law brings the software with the same. WISO property manager is available in different editions depending on the size of the objects to be managed:

  • WISO property manager 2015 start - a maximum of 10 residential units
  • WISO property manager 2015 standard - a maximum of 50 residential units
  • WISO property manager 2015 Professional - a maximum of 150 residential units

New in WISO caretaker

New to the WISO caretaker download is a wizard to create and publish real estate ads on the platform Immobilienscout24 provides meaningful assistance. Who would not want to advertise there, exhibits the property manager software out alternatively exposé of his property together and brings them down on paper.

TAPI or VoIP calling from within the program

An option was added in property management to resolve also appropriate documents to registered bookings and templates. In addition, the WISO software now also supports heating systems with several kinds of fuel and controls TAPI PBX or VoIP programs with one click.

WISO caretaker Download apartmentsApartments and tenants manage with the WISO caretaker.

Extends the information on reservations, which can be taken now, by which revenue and open items they are linked continued. Finally, the WISO caretaker separates now optional tables of input forms, which contributes according to the supplier to reduce errors ...

Separate module provides the tax return before

Practical: WISO property manager has a module for the preparation of the tax return. WISO property manager prepares the form "V" so before that you have done in no time with the WISO savings account tax returns. Also be useful to a bar that information at a glance about current legislative changes and Co. in the area of ​​rental proves.

Limitations of WISO caretaker

The trial version can manage up to ten units and will not print reports.