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With the my house planner download plan and design their future users of home ownership a click and the monitor. The planning software for home builders already brings factory with more than 50 completed homes planned, designed on the basis of home builder his own dream house.

my house planner download for your dream home

Thanks to hundreds of freely placeable and variable components, from bay windows on dormers up to the balcony, to give the plans to the individual painting. The home planners but by no means stops at the outer walls. Stairs and interior walls of the room planner designed in an intelligent way. Mouse click also placing furnishings such as furniture and uses doors and windows.

my house planner downloadmy house planner download a free planning software for the private client (Picture: Bott computer systems / Editorial)

Automatic dimensioning of the construction plans

Since the home planners also automatically assumes the dimension of the construction plans, and architects can do something with the drawings. The freeware expects the plan drawings into three-dimensional graphics. This is brought optionally by means of printer paper or stores it in the common graphic formats. The key features Overview:

  • 50 complete, modifiable sample house plans
  • Create free floor plans and 3D models from variable bases
  • Complete database with hundreds of variable components
  • Intelligent wall constructions
  • Complete window and door library
  • Free roof settings
  • Variable stair design
  • Free furnishings with architectural symbols
  • Automatic layout coloring, space discovery and dimensioning
  • Automatic update service
  • bigger house and out by pressing a button
  • Fast 3D mode
  • True rendering of the 3D model
  • Architectural rendering, shaded representation or Best view in 3D
  • Showing and hiding parts of the 3D model
  • Save the 3D images as BMP, JPG or TIF file

my house planner download Planningdesign your dream home on the screen and change (Image: Bott computer systems / Editorial)

my house planner is a chic 3-D view of the designs

The house my planner download allows prospective homeowners to design their own dream home on the screen to change and finally to look in a 3D view. This can be provided with additional effects such as shadow, reflection, transparency or texture smoothing. The ad-supported software is fairly straightforward use and delivers professional results after some training time. A paid, ad-free version is available from the manufacturer. All functions are performed by the user of interactive menus.

my house planner Download 3D3D view with additional effects such as shadows and reflections (Photo: Bott computer systems / Editorial)

Own designs are virtually accessible

some interesting Designs for fully planned houses are in my house planner download already on board. This can be entered virtually and freely modifiable. On request, the virtual building consultant is the future builders even assist to make building professionals to locate in the area.

Limitations of my house planner

When starting the program, registration is necessary. "Just" 50 model homes in the free version.

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