The small reward program

With the Wage Program Download able to carry their entire payroll problems small businesses. The software from the range of programs for control & Content has the perfect functions for companies with few employees.

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The software for payroll is less than 3MB in size, which guarantees a quick download, even with very slow Internet connections. The small reward program designed to be extremely efficient, which is reflected even in the installation. When navigating in the program, the user can completely renounce the use of the mouse for input purposes. By attributable switching between keyboard and computer mouse a pleasant, time-saving user experience created.

Wage Program Download

The manufacturers have specialized in publishing software for payroll, since 1995th This is evident both in the somewhat old-fashioned optical design and in the field-proven and effective program management. Also can be on any operating system since Windows 98 to download the program and start small wage.

well thought out and easy to learn - the small reward program

In the first embodiment of the control and content software at least one user name and password must be created. Up to twelve people can get access to the data. When you restart the program, a notice to useful extensions as well as the link to a Quick Start Guide will appear. In addition, assistance is offered for each input box. With these tools, each employee of accounting can easily arrive in the program flow. Equally helpful is an information file on all legislative changes that need to be taken into account for the calculation of social security contributions and taxes.

Reward program download law

tax & Content with all parameters Settling

Content, the small reward program surprised with its high adaptability to special cases and special conditions. In the wage type file 10 wage types are predefined. not enough who the categories salary, hourly wage, temporary wage, overtime, shift allowance, holiday pay, sick-DT, DT holiday, Economics and holiday pay, may create additional wage types. All of the above specified names and information can also be changed and can be the habits of the respective accounting adapt. An optional booking interface, the software is also suitable for the settlement of hours of work and covers all imaginable requirements for an accounting program from.

Wage Program Download booking mask

Besides the usual input screens, the software has access to the history and is also equipped with a calculator and calendar direct access. In addition, a subject index is included. Of course, a print option with matching output format was installed. Compact program for payroll With the reward program Download company received a surprisingly extensive software for payroll. Using the program is easy to learn thanks to the many assistance, but requires a solid prior knowledge of the subject.

Limitations of this small reward program

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