transferred WhatsApp Chats: To work the device change

Let's face it: It still is somehow to its data. But when is facing a change of smartphones, the fear is great to lose some - and message histories. How to Make transferred WhatsApp chats and so can take on a new phone, we revealed here. The best: It even works between WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone. In both directions!

Eventually the old phone is simply not up to date - or no longer works. So a new device is needed. But what about all the data? Of course, one can transfer. But WhatsApp chats?

transferred WhatsApp chatstransferred WhatsApp chats - there's several ways, depending on the device. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

The can take with you - assuming they previously stores. Because that does not automatically takes WhatsApp. And that's actually a good thing: On the WhatsApp own servers are your messages so do not be found. You are only on your device and, if applicable in your personal online storage, so a cloud. Transferring this chat histories and data can be fairly easy, but certainly also bring challenges - depending on which devices are used. But it is possible in almost all cases - even across devices.

WhatsApp chats transfer: From Android to Android's comes easy

The fewest problems when transferring chat histories and data there are, of course, when you move to a device with the same operating system. Those who remain as previous Android users for Android, please proceed as follows:

WhatsApp chats transferred Backup AndroidIn any case, back up! (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Save chats via Google Drive, across the device or by e-mail

  1. Opens the Messenger and examined in the top right menu settings.
  2. The entry chats on your typing will appear.
  3. In the new screen's chat settings are listed under which you now find the entry chat backup. Tap on this. Here is an overview of the last backup will be displayed. So a backup is locally (ie on the device) created daily at 2 am. In addition, you can still save backups in a personal Google Drive account - either manually or automatically. The Drive account can be set below, as well as the option to save only over Wi-Fi or via mobile data. You may also specify whether and videos to back up.

    • To manually back up just tap Save. If your not storing the backup on the SD card of your smartphone, it must then first be cached on the PC. For this, the old smartphone is connected to the backup data to the PC - via USB cable still works best. then activates the data transfer and is looking for in the internal memory of the smartphone WhatsApp / Databases. then copies the file msgstore.db.crypt12 with the most recent date to the PC in a folder that your finds in any case. Note: In this way, only the text messages are transmitted, any media can not. Will you also transfer them, simply stores the complete WhatsApp folder from the device to the PC, so that the subfolders Media is transmitted.

    • Who wants to automatically create a backup on Google Drive regularly taps into the secure Google Drive settings to Google Drive, where it can select multiple options.

  4. In addition, individual chats can also be sent via e-mail. To your taps on the desired instant, open the upper right settings, tap on More, and now you can chat via e-mail filter. In the pop-up you will still asked (ie photos and videos) if you want to send the chat with or without media.Because e-mail inputs usually have restricted space, the version is without media probably for this route better. WhatsApp initialized then the chat and provides you with a choice over which email provider you want to send the chat. Enter tapping, mail address and away you go. The chat history is sent to you as * .txt file to the desired address. Note: Unfortunately, these files can not be transferred to a new WhatsApp version, so it is a pure export.

WhatsApp chats transmitted e-mailVia e-mail, individual chats can send. However, these can not be integrated in the form in WhatsApp, but only view and print. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

transferred chat history on Android

If the backup freshly stored, so it can go to the WhatsApp chats transfer. The backup profiles are now saved on the PC or in the cloud. Now the new Android smartphone comes into play.

  1. Turns your new device and install the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger from the Google Play Store or download you the APK file here with us down. Note: but does not start the Messenger, if you want to use the backup on the PC or have stored on the SD card!

    • Combined, in this case, the new Android smartphone with the PC and also studied here in the device memory for the folder WhatsApp. It should already exist a subfolder WhatsApp / Databases. If not, just create itself.

    • Now you can the previously saved on the PC backup file msgstore.db.crypt12 move into that folder. NoteWho has saved the backup to the SD card of the old smartphones, by the way does not have to go through a PC. Here you simply take the SD card of the old phone and puts it - if possible - to the new phone.

  2. Now WhatsApp can be started on the new phone. Give here your phone number for verification. WhatsApp automatically detects your backup in case of PC / SD backup. Then you can import all tap Restore. Do you have the backup stored on Google Drive, WhatsApp connects on the new smartphone with your Google account and upload, download the backup. Thus the WhatsApp chats can be transferred.

By the way you can the local backup wonderfully via sync app upload to another cloud account and not have to use Drive. However, in this case the option on Google Drive needs to secure his disabled because Android enforces this otherwise.

WhatsApp chats transfer backup folderSo the backup see files on the Android device. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Transferring the chats from iPhone to iPhone

The transfer of the chat history from an iPhone to another works like the Android instructions on the device backup and e-mail chats. The only difference is the storage in the cloud, since iOS does not work with Google Drive but the iCloud uses. However, this is possible without any problems until iOS 8th

Somewhat harder: From Android to iPhone and vice versa

Those who had previously used WhatsApp on an Android device, but now wants to upgrade to the iPhone - or vice versa - can also transfer its WhatsApp chats. However, the approach is a little more complicated, since this possibility of WhatsApp itself is not supported. But this approach differs only in the second half, the first steps are the same.

WhatsApp chats transferred Android to iPhoneWith the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer download the backup data can be transferred to the iPhone if you have previously used an Android device. (Picture: Backup Trans / Screenshot)

  1. The above steps 1-4 to start the same handles are made as above in the transfer of WhatsApp chat between Android smartphones. The user therefore follow the steps 1-4 in chats via Google Drive, save over the device or by e-mail.
  2. After the chats are saved, it is a bit more complicated because we have to change to other, additional software to transfer the WhatsApp chats. A tool that is suitable for this purpose, the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer download. A little preparation is needed also:

Preparations for the transfer to the iPhone

Before the WhatsApp chats transmitted and can be packed on the iOS device, some steps are needed in advance:

  1. If not present, the media manager iTunes must be installed on the iPhone.
  2. Then Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer is installed on the PC.
  3. Now you navigate you through the phone settings -> Info-> Software Information → More about the build number. There, the user must enable the Developer mode. Many find the option may also be the developer options, there is an on-off control.
  4. In the Developer options you must then enable the USB debugging.

Chats transferred to the iPhone

Following the WhatsApp chats can be transferred:

  1. Connecting both devices to the computer. Comes a demand for USB debugging, let's this by your confirmed the message.
  2. Now you start Android WhatsApp to iPhone transfer. The program will automatically detect the connected devices.
  3. the option selected from the menu File. Here you can now manually select which chats are to be transferred to the iPhone. Once this is done, just click the beam icon in the menu bar. In the program there is, incidentally, the possibility media - so images, video and voice messages - excluded from the transfer.
  4. Installed now WhatsApp on the new iPhone. Here then, a message appears that a backup has been detected. This is confirmed and you have your old chat with you again.

The crux of the matter however, is that they can transfer a maximum of 20 messages for free with the trial version of the transmission program. If you want more must buy the tool.

bring chat history from iPhone to Android

Those who change device from iPhone to an Android also has an additional software to resort to transfer its WhatsApp chats - even if the account is easily transmitted itself. Because the backup of iPhone is not compatible with the version of Android. In this case, we use the Wazzap Migrator Lite app in conjunction with a PC that supports Java.

WhatsApp chats Wazzap transferred MigratorSomewhat complicated is it when transferring chat histories from the iPhone on Android device. The Wazzap Migrator helps. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

  1. Created you an offline backup worried your WhatsApp history with iTunes and you the free iPhone Backup Extractor. The backup file must be in the form ChatStorage.sqlite available. With the extractor this can be read by clicking on the tab * Expert Mode and selects the backup folder in default folder. There you look for either application or application domains and click you to pass up net.whatsapp.WhatsApp > Documents > ChatStorage.sqlite. There tick, click Extract and select a directory in which the extracted file can be stored.
  2. Following the WhatsApp backup can be copied via USB or via a cloud on the Android device. Here now installed WhatsApp for Android and Wazzap Migrator Lite app.
  3. Now WhatsApp has started once and be uninstalled afterwards.
  4. In the Wazzap Migrator Lite app you now selects the folder containing the extracted file, WhatsApp reinstalled and confirms the request, whether the backed WhatsApp files to be restored.

In the free Lite version of the app, however, only the WhatsApp chats can be transferred, which are in text form. must be dispensed media - but photos can fortunately easily to a PC or the cloud transmitted so that they are at least not lost. Who here wants to play it safe, and the cloud is not quite familiar, can also submit encrypt its files.