So can query the congstar credit!

be who Check congstar credit want will have several different options. We put the three options to query the own congstar PrePaid credit in the following guide in detail before. now learn more and try it!

Check congstar balance: three options for prepaid customers

Who writes on the phone, surfing and texting congstar prepaid, is do not worry about long contract periods and yet has the full and flexible cost control. Charging the congstar prepaid operates in a manner quite simple, but often, users also ask how much congstar credit they still have in their own account. Below we show three ways and how the balance can be learned quickly and easily, for example via the meincongstar app download. In this way the user is always accurately informed about the status of his Congstar prepaid card and need fear no surprises.

Check congstar creditCheck congstar balance: Three options are available. Source: congstar

Possibility no. 1: Query congstar credit by meincongstar app

The meincongstar app is available for Android and iOS devices and can also be used by prepaid customers. All tariff options of their own mobile phone contracts and the individual contract data can thus be easily accessed and changed at any time. Also convenient is the ability to check in with the new app of mobile operator's own congstar credit. Congstar customer can under meincongstar > My products > Prepaid Edit > Airtime the complete Aufladehistorie the last three months, see. The charges are, however, displayed according congstar only with a small delay of 24 hours.

Possibility no. 2: query congstar credit hotkey

congstar provides the key combination * 100 # is a special key combination to congstar credit queries. So if you want to bring without cumbersome calling the congstar app on the fly his credit in experience, typed simply * 100 # and press then confirm with the green dial key. The status of the current congstar balance is then to see within a few seconds on the screen of your smartphone.

Possibility no. 3: Check congstar balances speed dial

The free speed dial 9577 also serves for quick and convenient congstar balances query. Who decides to use this option, the remaining congstar prepaid credit can be automatically passed by announcement.

congstar remaining balance of a prepaid card after a termination

Who wants to terminate congstar and bring the remaining credit of a prepaid card in experience, has the three above options more chance to see the exact credits were. After a termination payment of the remaining balance is automatic within 6 to 8 weeks. A faster withdrawal can cause on request through the contact form. The refund of starting balance is excluded by congstar.