network Manager

Network Manager accesses users in setting up and managing network connections under the arms. The freeware Deutsche Telekom replaced the default network manager of Windows and scores with an easy-to-use interface. After installing the network manager provides an overview of all existing wired and wireless network connections. In a list view, the freeware all furnished and useful compounds and available wireless access displays. In the network map users will receive information about which devices are currently located on the network, including the established IP address, releases and assigned names for the respective devices. The free network manager manages the addition, the shares of equipment and folders on the network and takes care of router settings by port speed wireless routers. With a few clicks, the freeware also connects to your own computer with available hotspots. Assistant for security and system diagnostics to help you in the analysis of access problems. Network Manager provides a good alternative to the standard network manager of Windows. The clean interface and the built-in wizard come to meet especially the needs of less experienced PC users. To use the network manager on Windows XP is also required.