New is not always better. The flea market know-fans only too well. If you miss the second-hand markets in the cold season, can match the shpock app helping out. But not only in winter, the flea market app is easy to use. The time is ripe for Shpock Android! In times of Instagram and Co., the flea market app puts consciously focus on photos and social sharing to stand out from the competition. After all, everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when shopping. And with the smartphone cameras, digital compact cameras inferior in almost anything, most devices are already equipped. What could be more natural to link together as both?

shpock app

Shpock app can be activated via Facebook

Since the registration through Facebook is possible, the user account is set up in no time. Alternatively, an application via e-mail is possible. Only an SMS confirmation is necessary for that purpose. Who wants to sell can then browse immediately to the other Shpock users or upload your own offers. Simply take a photo, specify the title and description and price and already the photo display other users.

Shpock app offer

make known Shpock ads via social sharing

Not only in the application, otherwise the creators have put emphasis on speed and ease of use. Thus, the own classified ads, or the other Shpock users can be shared with friends and acquaintances, for example, with just a few clicks - either via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. The social sharing helps not only help their own stuff to sell faster; you might as well make friends on interesting offers carefully.

Sort offers by distance

The Shpock universe is so plump and versatile filled like any good flea market. Whether fashion and accessories, home and garden, electronics, movies, books and music, baby and child, sports, leisure and games or Auto - using the categorizations everyone can find the right offers very quickly within the Shpock app. And how it should be for a modern smartphone application, is of course also a sort of tenders after the removal possible.

Shpock app distance display

eBay + Instagram = Shpock Take a portion of eBay, plus a pinch of Facebook, melted chocolate and mix the whole thing then with a big dose Instagram - so in about can be summed up the concept of Shpock. The concept works because Photos play in the online shopping an immensely important role. The distance to the product is important, as is the source of the recommendation. At both the makers have thought. What Shpok app but from the well-known online giant eBay and other online auctions differs even more for download: Buy and Sell are completely free of Shpock. Fees as well as the usual eBay Einstellgebühren and sales charges omitted. Only those who want to be highlighted his offers more than usual, paid premium features must avail.