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Map and Guide equips forwarders & Co. with a very comfortable Route planner for Transportation of any kind. In various editions, the trip distance and freight planners can both mobile as used in the office - all the way across the network. To this was a fleet management, driving and rest time planner for several drivers, costing from A to Z, including Tall Collect links and emissions calculator. Distances are automatically optimized on demand, charge the planner also taken into account, and if necessary, the navigation software will search also still the same the right cargo for the return trip.

Map and Guide download or online route planner for Transportation

One is straight to the point said: Who a free glossy planner with great little picture in the style of Google Maps & examined Co., should be equal to swing out to one of the free route planner downloads. for Map&Guide; costs money, first and second, provides prima instead little pictures for holiday planning detailed route information, alternative routes, professional information on route optimization and vehicles, including fuel consumption and emissions and environmental zones, tunnel restriction codes and optimizing time slots and cargo. In all of the planning and program interface in many details can dynamically adapt to their own needs. The Directions for transport companies there either as a very convenient web app directly in the browser, a standalone workstation or as a network version for 25 PCs.

Map and Guide easily set up

For optimal planning Planners set up its own fleet of vehicles in the system. To do resort to a number specified types of vehicles, which can be adapted in detail. Alternatively, one defines also completely own vehicles. Either way, there are detailed dimensions, weight and axle loads of the truck or tractor and trailer (s) ready for input.

Map and Guide Download

Also Dangerous goods are considered and it can make a request at selected countries avoid environmental areas targeted. If this information is filed with the vehicle, it must afterwards no longer be activated when the route planning. If the vehicle assigned one or more leaders, which will also be entered directly and Driving times and rest periods for drivers furnished. In terms of consumption calculation either the actual consumption is entered, provided a route for the vehicle, or also for the typical average, and also the input of a fleet average consumption is possible. Alternatively, the automatically calculate consumption taking account of the manual for emission factors (HBEFA 3.1).

Directions for transporters, freight forwarders and logistics

For the actual Planning the route are apparently all European Countries. In addition, many details in the options can be adjusted before the actual entry of route data. In detail:

  1. address Lookup
    • search Terms
    • Output of results
  2. Map Display
    • Available buttons on the map display
    • standards
    • captions
    • navigation instructions
    • Selection On screen objects
    • Zoom maintained automatically fixed magnification
    • Show external map layers
  3. route planning
    • Set departure and arrival times
    • Avoid certain countries
    • Setting Home and Favorites
    • Display of private vehicles
    • Choice of emission calculation
  4. Toll cost calculation
    • Toll cost forecast
    • Calculation of Ecotaxe

Starting point and frequently used driving goals are very easily at the drop-down menu to choose from. Other waypoints are entered and planned and sorted insert in the route list either manually or with automated route optimization via intelligent stations. Then gives Directions for transport companies the planned route of including departure and arrival, and distance. Costs for fuel and possible for a vehicle stored extra cost lists the planner clearly separately, as well as the resulting emissions. The toll can be way, with one click directly from Tall Collect einbuchen, alternatively there is also a toll forecast based on the current data. The route is displayed on the configurable map and on request it current closures considered. export the complete planning of both the Map and Guide download, as well as the Internet version comfortable as CSV or BCR. Incidentally, route planning can be imported to be adjusted and optimized.

Freight plan and find M&G

The current charge of the vehicle provide shippers either quickly and easily to full, half or empty, or deposit the concrete weight. The freight loading by TBC charge code is possible on request to stage basis. If the vehicle is not optimally loaded, or you still looking for cargo for the return trip, also helps the integrated Teleroute Freight Exchange in finding transportation orders. Any additional costs incurred for detours of Transportation Route planner desired calculated equal to one with.

Map and Guide Download Freight Finder

most professional route planner for Transportation for free

trying to describe in detail all the options and planning options for route planning with the professional shipping planners, beyond the scope of this clear. Map and Guide Internet is after a free registration quickly for immediate full-scale test of the provided online route planning.