Set up in TeamSpeak Soundboard - how it works

Set up in TeamSpeak Soundboard – how it works

With other players talk and listen to the same music? No problem, thanks TeamSpeak Soundboard. read now, how to install it!

The free VoIP service TeamSpeak is gamers scene one of the most popular means of communication. Surprising is not that, because the client is functionally designed for games. Who is unhappy with his current in-game interaction, should change the client and downloaded here TeamSpeak free. The special thing about the tool is that it is even more dynamic by plugins. So the TeamSpeak Soundboard plugin allows among other things, to share the music. The following guide shows how to install it.

TeamSpeak Soundboard for common musical enjoyment

Players who are just playing together Word of Warcraft or the like can be exchanged via the ideal VoIP client. Who else wants one better and hear with fellow the same music, merely Soundboard must install. The plugin enables the users to stream music and other audio through a TS3 server. Thus, an exciting noise as background music of the atmosphere can be shared in addition to music, for example. The plugin runs on Windows, Linux and Mac and supports the following audio formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF. TeamSpeak Soundboard

Prerequisites for installing Soundboard

To install the plugin, the user TeamSpeak needed on his PC. Since the plugin was developed for TS3, the third version should be available. In addition, a stable Internet connection is required.

set up step by step Soundboard

first of all you need to download the plugin and installed on the PC. This can be done from this site. After downloading has clicked once the plugin and TeamSpeak be started all over again. Teamspeak Sound Board Settings If the client is launched, the user clicks in 2&# 46; step Teamspeak, point to Settings and then on Options. In the opening window of the receiving tab is selected. Now put the check mark for push-to-talk. There is also a hot key must be defined, which is basically the same. For example, the CTRL keys are determined or can. Confirm with the click Apply and OK. TeamSpeak Soundboard push-to-talk If the Options window closed, begins step 3. First, again click Settings, and then select plugins. On the left side all the plugins, including the TeamSpeak Soundboard appear. Here the check mark must be set. Double-click on the plugin configuration window opens. In audio there are three options: Send audio to channel, play audio locally and Enable Voice Activity Detection (VAD). The user has to select all three options here. TeamSpeak Soundboard Audio Setting Who wants to distort his voice in TeamSpeak, can put the check mark from Enable Voice FX and adjust the regulator including in the Configuration window under Voice FX. As you drag to the left the voice is deeper, to the right it is higher. In the area button, the user can determine the arrangement of those in the plugin. During l can be the size of the buttons by using the controls vary. Now the sound board is ready for use. The user can fill with buttons for music and sound effects at will.