The HEAR Download brings an equalizer on Windows PCs. Of the Audio enhancer works like the well-known notebook audio improvements, but offers much more settings. As a result, this means among other things, a higher volume and improved performance of all audio from music and audio books to film and television.

HEAR Download: More than one Windows equalizer

Audio player like Winamp & Co. have their own equalizer on board, with the frequencies of the music playback can be adapted a little. If it may be a little more tone control, then HEAR comes on the scene. Of the HEAR download installs a virtual sound card that is then available as output medium for MP3 or video player and Windows audio. However, this is first a Windows reboot due. The well-developed extension to the Windows sound control offers Windows equalizer with up to 256 bands, simulated 3D audio and loudness, Maximizer and a Compressor has / limiter on board. In addition HEAR equalized for example, middle-heavy signals simulates a subwoofer (As far as that goes up) and still brings a few more effects. Very practical: The individual modules can be individually switched on and off on the main page of Klangverbiegers, this eliminates the cumbersome clicking on the individual detail pages. In addition, the point FX Chain is a very interesting affair. Here, the order is changed in the HEAR the individual sound adjustments apply. Not interesting? But by no means! Audio pros know the order of the effects chain can significantly influence the type of sound change. In the following video clip, all audio adjustments are presented.

Windows Sound improve automatically or manually

HEAR provides prima Möglicheiten for beginners as well as experienced audio enthusiasts. Who likes to come quickly to the goal, found in the numerous contained audio profiles well-stocked presets that target the improve Windows sound for playback of effects, games, TV and film, music or voice. In addition, users save their own profiles here that are associated with a single click available in the future. After selecting a profile in one go adjustments are carried out in all areas of Windows sound enhancement. Faster as it gets.

HEAR download audio profiles

Inventors and optimizers, however, access to the various areas of the tone control. The following areas are available for this purpose:

  • Windows equalizerThe EQ controls according to their own taste requiring 10 to 256 bands are variable either as a graphic equalizer with individual controllers or as dynamic curves.
  • 3D sound: Creates a virtual three-dimensional sound with adjustable depth and Bass
  • Ambience: Adds the audio signal a Hall or Room effect to. The space size can be changed.
  • FX: A variant of surround sound for virtual widening of the stereo field. So the audio signal sounds wide, even if the boxes together are close.
  • MaximizerThe good old loudness raises bass and treble can be controlled individually.
  • Brain Wave Synthesizer: Psycho-acoustic adaptation to "relaxed perception" of the audio signal
  • limiter: A compressor that reduces the loudest signals to a lower level, thus making the audio signal more dense, it takes away momentum but
  • Space: Creates a virtual surround space and gives the impression that even signals coming from behind
  • Fidelity: Improves the reproduction of shades, in fact by staining and increasing the high frequency range
  • Speaker: Improves the sound of speakers and headphones by special sound equalization as reducing the resonances and phase inversion.
  • SubAdds a virtual subwoofer added. Of course, this option replaces a bass woofer not really, but certainly produces an audible change.

HEAR Download manual adjustment

Audio Enhancement with very good opportunities The HEAR Download gathered many useful tools for Windows to send tone control on a, uncluttered user interface. Psycho-acoustic effects such as 3D audio and the simulated subwoofer work well, but regulate some of the meaningful range. Here again quite times "less is more"Which is not to be regarded as a qualitative shortcoming of the software. Overall rating: Excellent sound enhancement with many opportunities for beginners and professionals. Download obligation not only for music lovers with claim. Those who still would like to look for something else here other audio tools is a free download.

Limitations of Hear

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