Most Sims Download 4 Houses: Find it!

Sims 4 houses searched? Whether the House of Adams Familiy or luxury loft, we have betrayed the most spectacular buildings and how they integrated into the game. learn more here!

Who does not want after Sims 4 Download to build houses themselves, can benefit from architecture more talented players and download their creations free and incorporate into their own world.

Sims 4 Houses: The best sites with the best Downloads

There are almost countless sites where houses are offered in all versions for free download. From the apartment in the Bauhaus style with a Victorian horror Villa to romantic cottage the diversity of the creations is barely manageable. We have selected the most important pages on which the most Sims are found four houses.

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Sims 4 housesOn the official website there are numerous Sims find 4 houses for free download.

How to bring the houses into play:

Having found on one of the sides of his dream home, it must now be brought into play. The following steps must be performed:

  1. Download the house
  2. Open / unpacking the RAR or ZIP file on the desktop
  3. Move the unzipped file to the tray (see: Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Tray)
  4. Starting the game
  5. Pull a Sim on an empty lot
  6. choose from options to manage the point worlds
  7. Under the gallery, select My Library
  8. Select the arrow below the desired house
  9. return to the game
  10. place house

adjust the equipment

When 4 houses is dissatisfied with the establishment of the Sims, can these be adapted as usual. Under most of the above links to numerous furniture, furnishings or decorations found. Or simply drop even hand, and takes his fate to play in the interior, creating its own unique and distinctive style.

Tips for building mode

First of all, you should consider how much is the budget for the house. Instead of fantastic luxury villa maybe it done again, spacious family home. Also, you can in the game - to access pre-built rooms without external download. Some of these proposals have even been furnished, which can be cheaper than an individual device at the end. What many players just starting out forget: Large spaces also means long distances and thus a longer season. One should therefore consider whether placing the kitchen or bathroom at the complete other end of the house or better in the immediate vicinity. If necessary, a "guest bathroom" or a second kitchenette shorten the path and speed up the game. The clip explains the Haudbau again step by step: