Is yaBeat legal? There all the answers!

Is legally yaBeat and may move songs and clips from the net easily? Or threaten after the download warnings? learn more about the terrific tool and the current legal!

The tool allows users to the site or after downloading the yaBeat app on your smartphone to download songs from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, vevo or Dailymotion. With a few clicks can be so completely free to create an extensive music and video library. Optionally, the done via the integrated search or by simply link to the appropriate video via Copy & Paste is inserted in the space provided free text field. Now only the required format must be selected and have the download starts.

Is legally yaBeatIs yaBeat legal? Yes, with some restrictions!

Is yaBeat legally and must be downloaded songs and videos from YouTube?

In principle yaBeat is legal. It is important for users that the source of the download is not manifestly unlawful. Of these, users can proceed safely at portals like YouTube or MyVideo. The situation is different from at sites that offer current movies and blockbusters for free stream on the Internet such as or From these portals should be downloaded in no case title, it streams the movies only - ie not create a copy, it is only in a gray area. As the acts legally concrete, the article reveals: Is cinema box legally or makes you liable to prosecution ?. But back to the download of legal portals. This is where ยง 53 para. 1 - 3 of the German Copyright Act, which allows a copy of a copyrighted work for private use - whether MP3, MP4 or 3GP. But this also means that neither commercial use nor a public demonstration are the copy created allowed. And there is another limitation.

Breach of the terms & the perfect loophole

Although yaBeat is legal, however, for violating a download of the terms and conditions of YouTube or similar sites. This limitation can, however, easily circumvent because YouTube requires the consent of the Conditions only in registered accounts. However now be on this portal also quite watch videos without registration and download it. You should just only pay attention not to be logged in with his user account or Google account. And already yaBeat is legal - and in terms of the Copyright Act and the terms and conditions, and the perfect way to both legally and completely free of charge to get to MP3s or videos - as long as they are newly played only in private. The legal relationships the video explains the firm WBS again exactly: