Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 is no longer available. Free alternatives from the series: Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free offers similar tasks.

With Battlefield 1942 Electronic Arts laid the foundation for one of the most successful series of online shooters around the Second World War. In celebration of the 10th anniversary game give the makers of the war simulation, the first work for free to the Internet community further.

Battlefield 1942 is available on the servers of the games platform Origin for free download. May enroll in the EA operated by Web service. The game scenario of Battlefield 1942 treated historic battlefields of World War II. The player can either draw on the Allied or Axis forces into battle. Battlefield 1942 is known for its extensive multiplayer mode. The scenes of battles ranging from Europe to Africa and Russia to island-invasion battles in the Pacific. Two teams compete against each other. Especially Teamwork guarantees success in the conquest of important local points marked by flag.

With the free full version of Battlefield 1942, players assume the skin of different soldier types. Depending on the specialization you can heal as a medic for example, injured players, as a mechanic repair weapons systems such as tanks, artillery or aircraft carrier on or off as a sniper from a distance opponent by Art shot. Anyone who wants can engage in the battle as a tank driver, ace pilot or commander.

Graphically may Battlefield 1942 although not keep up with the newer representatives of Battlefield family, playful the bedrock of Electronic Arts, however, has not lost any of its class. Those who do not mind the martial background story with a historical reference, House receives with Battlefield 1942 a classic among online strategy games free.