Burning Series warning – what to do?

Who a Burning Series warning found in his mailbox does not have the same panic. It is important to keep a cool head and to take the right steps. We show what Burning Series can do users with warnings!

More and more Burning Series warnings are traveling

Burning Series in this country is the most popular streaming website-Kinox.to. The operators have specialized especially on TV series and set the Burning Series app downloaded so Serienjunkies go, always have sufficient supply of films and series on your mobile device at hand. Although the streaming service itself is not legal and also the use is in a legal gray area, there has been surprisingly few Burning Series warnings and users had so far hardly worry about consequences.

Burning Series warningWhat to do with a warning Burning Series? (Image: Burning Series / Editorial)

Waldorf Frommer warning calls for substantial damages payment

Unfortunately, the honeymoon period is over gradually for those affected. Especially warnings from the law firm Waldorf Frommer be sent more frequently. Who receives such a Waldorf Frommer court order, can be sure that this is not fake, as it also occurs more often in other Burning Series warnings times. A Waldorf Frommer warning, however, is serious. The law firm of Waldorf Frommer from Munich specializes in copyright infringement on file sharing or file-sharing networks and now also takes Burning Series users increasingly targeted.

The firm expresses the warning letters on behalf of companies from the music and movie business. The Burning Series User is prompted in signing a penalty clause explanation. Specifically, the writing is as "Warning for unauthorized exploitation of protected works in so-called. Filesharing" titled. The receiver should pay compensation payment and settle as adding the resulting warning costs. As quickly several thousand Euros come to the series lovers of costs and penalty.

seek legal advice and make a modified cease and desist

Anyone who has received such a Waldorf Frommer warning or a similar writing another law firm should first stay calm and not pay the bills yet asked to sign a penalty clause explanation. Moreover, it does not make sense to make contact even with the Abmahnkanzlei. Nor should, however, ignore a Burning Series warning. Since the warnings often have a dispute of several thousand euros, it pays to seek legal assistance and possibly make a modified cease and desist letter to the consultation and to seek an out of court settlement.

Unlike writing the Abmahnkanzlei it concerns with such a modified cease and desist letter by no means an admission of guilt. It makes sense, it can also be a so-called negative declaratory action to refute the alleged copyright infringement before a local court or clarify. Here it is all about the question of how the Abmahner are ever gets to the data of the user.

Burning Series warning: Stick parents for their children?

Many parents also concerned the question of what they must do if they were reprimanded as the port owner, although the potential copyright violations by their own children were committed at a Burning Series warning. Here the legal situation is particularly complicated. So far, the principle that parents Abgemahnt not pay the required compensation, however, accept the warning costs and must sign the declaration of failure was. A recent judgment of the Supreme Court denied after all, that parents are liable under the warning for their adult children.