Samsung Galaxy J5 manual

Samsung Galaxy J5 manual

Of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download offers buyers of the popular smartphones detailed instructions on 104 pages with many illustrations. All the main features of the device are explained in detail. Many tips and tricks for advanced users are included in the Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download PDF guide to more than 100 informative pages

The Samsung Galaxy J5 user proves to be helpful support and guidance to the smartphone models SM-J500F / DS and SM J500FN and the model series SM-J510 and J710 SM. Especially for beginners who do not require expensive high-end smartphone, the Android smartphone Galaxy J5 is in great demand because it has good facilities and above all a decent value for money. The Samsung Galaxy J5 has a five-inch AMOLED screen in HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels and LTE capabilities on board. Unlike the current S6 models, the battery can be replaced and expand the memory, to which many users attach great importance. The J5 smartphone is about 8 millimeters thick and 143 grams.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual DownloadSamsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download: Informative PDF guide to more than 100 pages. (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)

Decent work rate and healthy endurance

Inside, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400/410 tinkers with four ARM Cortex-A53-cores with up to 1.19 GHz, which makes for a decent work rate in combination with the 1.5 gigabytes of memory. Samsung delivers the smartphone from the factory with Android 5.1 and the company’s own TouchWiz interface. The replaceable battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and a healthy endurance without using the ultra-power saving mode. Galaxy J5 a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera are installed that do not offer high performance for professionals but guarantee decent images.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download CameraA 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera are also on board. (Photo: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy J5 user: from the basic information about the apps

The Samsung Galaxy J5 manual initially given basic information about delivery, device design, battery, SIM or USIM card, memory card, turning on or off the device, touch screen, home screen, lock screen, notification box, enter text, screenshot, open applications and the device and data management. In the chapter applications, the subjects follow install or uninstall applications, phone, contacts, messages, Internet, email, camera, gallery, Smart Manager, S Planner, video, voice recorder, My files, Memo, Clock, Calculator, Radio and Google Apps.

Advice and help with problems in the Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual

Continue on to the Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download with settings: WiFi, Bluetooth, offline, mobile hotspot and tethering data usage, SIM card management (dual-SIM models), mobile networks, NFC and payment, connection settings, sounds and notifications, ads, applications, wallpaper, themes, device security, data protection, input assistance, accounts, back up and reset, language and input the date and time. At the end of the Samsung Galaxy J5 reveals user advice and help with problems. Those looking for more smartphone manuals and programs for telecommunications, will find in our extensive download catalog.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual Download Video RecordingTips for video recording in Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual. (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)