WhatsDog app

The WhatsDog app detects when a contact WhatsApp uses - even if the time stamp has been disabled. The spy app will make every stalker's heart beat faster, whether that is morally acceptable, each user must decide for itself.

monitor app contacts with the WhatsDog & see usage statistics

Whatever the reason you want to know when or how long a contact on WhatsApp is on-line: With the WhatsDog app spying is now much more convenient. After downloading and installing the stalking tools only has the phone number to be entered with the appropriate country code and have a log of the chat behavior of the number holder is created. Once the poor soul WhatsApp starts, users of the app WhatsDog be informed. Besides an overview of the times at which the Messenger has been used, there is even a statistic to user behavior. Thus, both the total time and the number of connections for the last 24 hours, listed seven and 30 days.

What is a spy app is to use legal?

Spy apps are becoming increasingly popular: whether the partner is to be monitored, their own child or the employee. The market for such tools is great. But even if the reasons for monitoring may be convincing, it is not lawful. In Germany unauthorized cell phone spying is punishable, because here both the right to privacy and the privacy is violated. Users should therefore consider carefully whether they actually put the trust of their contact on the game want and what they want ever won with the start data. Ultimately, each user has to make that decision for themselves. Perhaps it to consider how you would find it even to be monitored helps.

Download and install the app

Who decides despite all the moral and legal concerns for WhatsDog must Allow unknown sources or other sources after downloading the APK first in the settings. The option of this is found in either the applications or the security settings. Only then will the spy tool can be installed and used.

whatsdog appInstallation of WhatsDog app. Image: Second Lemon.