WhatsApp Docs format write full-fat

WhatsApp Docs format write full-fat

so the WhatsApp text format: We’ll tell of how to write words bold or italic in the most popular messenger or as they appear crossed out. learn more here!

According to the current WhatsApp for Android Download and users of the Google operating system can make their texts more varied. So far, the feature was available only for iOS and in a beta version for android.

WhatsApp text formatting: bold, italics, or strikethrough

The Messenger is one of the best known and currently most widely used apps. According to information provided, the service broke the barrier of one billion users in February 2016th Since then were sent with WhatsApp daily 42 billion messages and over a billion photos and 250 million videos. So it is time to spice up the messages sent something. To format a WhatsApp text, it is enough just before (without spaces) and insert a special character for the word:

  • fat to write by before and after the word / sets the words asterisks.
  • italic to format the words with underscores.
  • Strikethrough Words are obtained by the so-called Tilde, a short wavy line.

Formatting text WhatsAppThe special characters that are used to format a WhatsApp text. (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

The great world of the layout reveals itself not with these three functions safely, but after all, basic formatting can make. If you want more, can change with the following tricks the font and adjust the text size. But only on its own smartphone. At the receiver, the news comes as always.

Change font WhatsApp & Adjust text size

it who is not enough to format a WhatsApp text may adjust the Messenger to its needs. Both the font size can be easily adapted to personal needs. That’s how it works:

Adjust text size

The font size can be directly in the Messenger under the Settings item and the chats and calls option individualize. By clicking on font size a pop-up opens with three options: Small, Medium or Large. Now simply select the appropriate size for the chat and done!

WhatsApp Text Formatting Text SizeThe text size of the chat can be easily adjusted in the settings of the Messengers. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

change the font

Unlike the text size font in the system settings must be changed. This in the phone settings menu item is selected My device and here the Display option. In addition to setting options such as the choice of the background image or the modulation of brightness, the font can be adapted here. With tip to the point font style, a pop-up window, which lists each font opens. Who the selection does not like who can install with a click of downloading new fonts from the Google Play Store. The writing is the way global changes on the smartphone or tablet, so that texts of other applications are represented this way.

WhatsApp format text font The font can only be changed in the system settings of the mobile device. (Screenshot: Editorial)