Delphino car mouse

Delphino car mouse

Delphino car mouse simulate mouse clicks and entries via the keypad. The small freeware is user specified command inputs from the current window at the position of the mouse or the cursor. As the interval, the user specifies a value in milliseconds that should elapse between the individual clicks.

Clicks mimic the Delphino car mouse download

Delphino car mouse consists of a simple main view. Here lay users the time interval between the simulated keystrokes and mouse clicks automatically implemented. On request, the freeware also leads randomly clicks and enter input at certain intervals by. The simulation starts and one stops by a simple click on the button "on / off", Of the Delphino car mouse download is suitable for numerous applications. Among other things, users can use it to prevent the change of the PC into sleep mode or fake keystrokes and PC work.

Free choice of the interval for the auto-clicks

The Interval for mouse clicks can be freely selected and is about 1/1000 seconds. Who the number, for example enter here 500 receives two clicks per second expired. A value of 5000, however, every five seconds, an automatic mouse click. A countdown to the next automatic click will each appear. The Delphino car mouse download will indicate there by the manufacturer as a pure 32-bit application, but can cope easily with 64-bit systems. In our tests, the program eight 64-bit left to run reliably on Windows.

Delphino car mouse download

Delphino car mouse can be operated fairly straightforward

The operation of small free tool is quite simple. The user interface is presented in the form of a mouse. The two "mouse buttons" are assigned to the buttons Exit to exit the program and on / off. Who clicks on the latter button activates or deactivates the Auto click function. Attention: The respective inactive state is marked in bold. So if a black "on" can be seen, the tool is turned off. If, however, the "off" appears in black color, the freeware is active and run the auto mouse clicks.

Random control by random option

Useful is an additional option, the user with the check button Keyb. ENTER can be selected. If this feature is checked, ** simulates the freeware before every mouse click a button on the Enter key **. Finally, there is the Random option, which ensures a random control. Other programs in the field "mouse & cursor" You will find in our software catalog for free download. User activity simulate and simulate presence The free Delphino car mouse deceptive skillfully and effectively from keystrokes and mouse clicks on Windows systems. The freeware simulate user input via mouse and keyboard, prevent changing the PC into standby mode or deceive their presence on the computer before.