Cities: Skylines

Of the Cities: Skylines Download applies among friends of the city-building genre as a worthy successor to the grizzled in honor of the classic SimCity. Various urban planners have been published since then, more recently Cities XXL, but none comes close to the new City Builder by developers Colossal Order.

Cities: Skylines Download - town planner in a class

The Finnish game studio had already with the traffic simulation "Cities in Motion" a good name for himself. This time the player takes as mayor of a city from the financial budget up to the power supply and the infrastructure, the complete event in his city into their own hands. Cities: Skylines builds on the strengths of SimCity and extends the classic city-building simulation with numerous interesting contemporary innovations. With a few simple steps the player already stomps the first residential and commercial buildings and industrial areas of his city from the ground. What's needed most, the game clearly shows in several bars.

Cities: Skylines Download

Fast progress guaranteed

The city limits grow in Cities: Skylines at remarkably fast, providing rapid results on the part of the player who naturally seeketh to be a popular and successful mayor of a thriving metropolis rather than a Provinzkaffs. Despite all the complexity of the gameplay the Städtbau game turns out to be fairly straightforward and easy to handle.

Progress is traceable at any time

New game elements come only gradually and thus to not confuse the players at the beginning of its construction activities. Of course, water and power lines must equal at the first settlements are not lacking, health care and education, for example, only demand when your own city reaches a certain size and population. Thus the progress remain clear and easy to follow.

Cities: Skylines Download Urbanism

The player takes the appropriate environmental measures

So that the residents are really happy, the player should not be ignored and take the appropriate political decisions, the environmental measures. Single district can be marked here and equipped with targeted benefits that make re-election of the lord mayor likely. However, the player must be very giving out eight, not to spend too much of taxpayers' funds for unnecessary projects.

Threats to the city can be in time to avert

Cities: Skylines can be played refreshingly simple. Instead of spending hours to roll problems, the player may at any time take appropriate action in case of difficulties occurring or increasing dissatisfaction of the citizens to avoid this in time.

Cities: Skylines Download metropolis

Cities: Skylines in two different versions

The Cities: Skylines download is available since 03/10/2015, among other things on Amazon and Steam. Lovers of city-building games have the choice of two versions, Standard Edition for 27,99 euros and a deluxe edition for 36.99 euros. The latter contains a bonus some real attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty and a digital art book. Numerous other simulation games for free download are available in our game catalog.

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