WhatsApp messages do not arrive? This is because it!

Diligently typed or the loved one, but the WhatsApp messages do not arrive? We have the reasons why messages in the sinking disappear. read here what's may be!

The download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS is now almost standard. The Messenger is one of more than 450 million users of the most popular in the world. Normally, the service works smoothly and reliably sent texts, pictures, videos, or the current location.

WhatsApp messages do not arrive? The reasons:

Whether a message to the recipient has arrived, can be seen at the two hooks at the end of the text. If only a single check mark to see the message is indeed sent and arrived on the servers of WhatsApp, but has not yet been transmitted to the device of the recipient. The reasons why text, images and Co. are not delivered can be varied:

  • The recipient has turned off the phone.
  • The recipient has the flight mode is activated.
  • The receiver has the data transfer disabled.
  • The receiver plugs into a wireless coverage area or has no Internet connection.
  • The receiver has an outdated version of WhatsApp on your device.
  • The receiver has blocked the contact.

Occasionally, even the service itself to disturbances and therefore the WhatsApp messages do not arrive at the receiver. On the side AlleStörungen.de annoyed users can check if and which faults currently exist. An alternative, the service offers directly. In the Help menu you can check whether the service works or present problems under the point system status.

WhatsApp messages do not arriveWhatsApp messages do not arrive? Occasionally, there is also the service.

How do I know if I was blocked?

The sent WhatsApp messages do not arrive and that over a period of several days? Then there is every chance that you have been blocked. To protect privacy, the service however is no clear evidence of a blockage. However, should more of the following phenomena, one can assume that one has landed a high probability on the Block List:

  • The messages are not delivered. It is just a tick behind the text.
  • The time stamp that indicates when the user was online the last time, is no longer visible.
  • The profile picture is replaced by an anonymous icon or is no longer updated.
  • One can not call via WhatsApp that contact.
  • The contact can no longer add to group chats up.

However, these signs may also have numerous other causes. Thus, the receiver can be disabled, for example, the display of their online status or have simply deleted his profile picture. A phone call can not be constructed due to lack of internet connection.